Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome to Udine

Email: February 20, 2013

Well first things first! I am currently in Udine!!! Nice little city and have only gotten lost like 10 times ;) Good thing for maps! (I just wish Italian roads were set up in a grid like Utah, so much harder to navigate around a city that you and your companion dont know. Its fun though!

So I hope I can make some sense with transfers (thursday feb 8th) I was transferred to Picacenza into a trio with Anziano Thompson who is training Anziano Cook, so basically I was a co-trainer I guess you can say. I stayed in Picacenza for a week and then wed evening (Feb. 14) I got a call from Pres. Wolfgramm telling me he was "going to throw me a curve ball" Well he was right, I am getting spaced transferred to Udine. I traded placed with Anziano Iacoveli, so I am now training Anz. Tanner in Udine and Iacoveli is a co trainer in Piacenza. It wasnt expected at all.  A trio is unusual but that was becuase there is an odd number of Anziani in the mission right now. Usually you get spaced transfered into the Office to be an office elder as you need three weeks of training to be an office elder so I was assuming that my trio would be together for a full transfer as the office elders currently are both new and you stay in the office for a long time, but nope, president transferred me out of the blue. He said that he was prompted to transfer me out of Piacenza and put me in Udine. I have full faith and trust in this change because I know how spiritually in tune President is. For what ever reason, I need to be in Udine I guess. and it just so happens to a trainer.

My companion, is Anziano Tanner. I have a city bike and it works great! I love it. The apartment is one of the nicest apartments in the mission so I am doing great! I love it! The weather is about the same, maybe warmer, but I think this past week was just an unusual warm week. Is it riskier being on the Slovanian-Austria border?  Boh! I have no idea, thus far, I have not met many foreigners. It seems super safe, but don't matter, I am a servant tot the Lord and have the Spirit with me. Don't worry. 

Being a trainer is so stressfull!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! The district leader and zone leaders I think are sick of me asking them questions.....they were the ones that said if we ever need anything to call them, so I do! :) Anyways I am so tired and exhausted every day, It's crazy because I wake up tired but then though out the day I have all the energy I need and after planning at night, I have no energy. All energy leaves me once the daily work is over. The Lord truly does bless me during the day.

Last week in Piacenza I had a zone confrence (and will have another one for the mestre zone this friday) and it got me fired up! The confrence re kindled and lit my fire to do the work. The assistants talked abotu some verse in D&C about how the Lord WILL hasten is work and then shared a talk from Elder Holland which he said "the work IS hastening" I can completly agreee, the work in my cities has and will be talking off. In another aspect of the hastening is when president shared the news about missionaries this summer in our mission. Right now we have 23 sorelle and in June, we will have 68! Now we have 136 Anziani and will have 250 in the fall! The Anziani will nearly double and the >Sorelle will tripple!!! So exciting! I love being part of this hastening, I feel like now is the best time to be a missionary. So mayn great things are happening. President said that if we dont lenthen our stride, we WILL get left behind. Time now, more than ever, is the time to buckle down and beable to keep up with the overall hastening of the Lords work world wide. I AM READY!!!!!

I would love you send you camera is in Piacenza, I forgot it there. But Piacenza said they will get it to me though mission mail, it just might me next trasfer as it is given to Piacenza district leader to Verona zone leader to mestre zone leader then to my district leader. Confusing but works out fine, just takes time.

The other day, we got a text from one of our investigator will a date set for baptism in march and is said  that he is going to try the other chuches and if he doesnt find the truth there, he will come back to us. That was the first time I have ever had an investigator say they no longer want to meet with us as missionaries. Such a hard text to read. We send a really good text back though.

The work here in Udine is fantastic, hard but great. We have a small investigator pool but tons on new converts. There are a few cities known as the "miracle cities" in the mission and Udine is one of them. I can already agree with all of the miracle we have seen. I am super excited to attpemt to train Anziano Tanner and recive all the miracles and blessings. Anziano Tanner is from Arizona and is super ready and willing to do his best and he is always pushing me to to everything better. Its fantastic! I love Anziano Tanner! He is such a fantastic missionary.

Got to go and do the Lords work!

Love you all and best of luck in everything!

Love, Anziano Edwards!!!!!

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