Rome Temple

Although the Rome Temple is not in the Milan Mission boundaries, Anziano Edwards will be teaching and preparing the Italian people for the temple, and the many blessings it brings. Anziano Edwards said about the building of the Rome Temple, "Not sure who told me this, but we were talking about it earlier this week. The Temple in Rome is obviously a sign that the Lords work will not be stopped, It is a sign that the work cant be stopped. It is a statement that the adversary can not impact the overall progression of the spreading of the gosple. The Rome temple can not be justified in the fact that there are not enought members in Italy to use it. Also, there is temple a few hours away from any part of Italy in Switzerland so again, it seems uneccessary but yet it is being built. Why would a temple be built somewhere where there are not enough members or need for one so close to another? Sure the need may be there in a decade or two, but why now. Correlation between the amount of missionaires being sent to Italy? I think yes."

The Rome Temple was announced in the October General Conference in 2008 by President Thomas S. Monson. The announcement not only came as a shock to many, but, in many ways, was a miracle to the Saints in Italy and all of its missionaries.

President Monson broke ground for the Rome Italy Temple on October 23, 2010. This will be the 12th temple in Europe and the 1st in Italy. It will be 40,000 square feet. The 15 acre site will also include a meeting house, a vistors' center, a family history center, and patron housing. (Courtesy of LDS Church News)
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