Sunday, February 3, 2013

More of Venice

Email: January 9, 2013

...start now with a stirct schedule and stick to to. NEVER procanstinate anything, (dont procrastinate youir day of repentance as it says in the scricptures) but in everyday life,  just get things done sooner than later. Dont wait to get your homework done, wiating does you no good.

Went to Venenzia, aka Venice today with Padova Anziani and it was my collegas first time there. It was a bunch of fun. Really awesome city.
More about my collega, besides he is the best missionary ever, honestly in every aspect is he is really just amazing! Some members I heard wisper in sacrament meeting the first week when he intorduced himself and the members were saying, wow, he is from america, he sounds Italian from Toscano (spelling?) accent where he "eats his C's) its the most pure Italian dialect. Souinds so pretty. Anyways, he is a self prclamed OCD sufferer and is very particualr about, well, everything, we get along great and everything is in perfect order in the apertment and everything has its place, LOVE IT! Also, he is obsessed with watches, shoes and a little with hats, strange, me too!!! I love my collega, really he helps me so much and just amazing, I am so blessed. He thinks its werid as of the past 7 lessons, only one was in Italian...half of our investigarors speak Italian but they are harder to set an apointment with usually.

Anziano Proctor is all about healthy eating and he cooks wonderfully, its amazing!
In Church last sunday, the militray branch had 140 people and that was even with the 10-12 families missing still from the holidays. It was packed! we can fit 160 chairs if you cram them into the chaple so it will be interesting to see what happens, We are trying to get some sound wired into the relif society room across the hall as its a largeish room and can fit another 50 chairs maybe.
Super funny, tetimony in the Italian branch by G.B.  was watching TV, and fliped to a channel and it was a bad channel that didnt invite the spirit so he got up, picked up his tv and through it out the window! Then went outside, picked it up and put it into the dumpster. Yeah all because the tv had a bad show, a little radicle but he way he said it was super funny! Crazy man for sure. He also allways wears a fanny pack and leads the music. He is also the guy that invites us to visit his friends but we hanvent had the time to go with him. He opens up his past yearbooks, and goes through everyone and visits them and tells them their church is of man and is wrong and gives then a book of mormon and tells them to be baptized....ahaha a great member for sure!

We set two baptismal dates! Both for the 16 of Feb. with Paticia and Kobby a 40 yearold ganian lady and a 18 yearold ganian man. Both just super investigators we found and are super progressing! Whoo! Sad part is the transfer ends Feb 10 and I will most likley get transfered

Best of luck in everything you are doing and keep up being awesome! As you know, I love you all and pray for you everyday. Stay strong and dont get a sore throat like me!

Anziano Edwards.

PS, yesterday we got a referal from the office from, a girl requested a blessing for her father. We only have an address in a city just ourside of Vicenza so Luca, our branch mission leader is going to take us to see them this evening. Super cool, we will see exactly what is up!

My Collega and Padova Anziani in Venezia for p day today!

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