Sunday, February 3, 2013

Daily Gift to Christ

Email: December 20, 2012

My daily gift to Christ is one of the Christlike attributes-faith in Jesus Christ, and yeah that is what we wrote on a star and are hangin on the christmas tree in the mission home. The Wolfgramms are seriously the best, in every sense of the word. I LOVE THE WOLFGRAMMS!!! We had Christmas zone conference yesterday(Wed.) in Verona and it was super fantastic it was the regular zone conference and training stuff plus we acted out the nativity scene, my collega was a wise man with the gold, it was funny watching the missionaries act it all out and Mary and Joseph was Anziano Hansen and Sorella Hansen-not related but it seemed fitting as sorella Wolfgramm said. The Wolfgramms really make our mission feel like a family and the theme was unity. We all got christmas ties and the sorelle got christmas scarfs. The ties are yellow with dark blue wide stripe pattern. Also, the first time ever, our mission bought the Rome mission the same ties as well as all the local leaders in Italy. Italy is truly united! I ,love the tie! I cant wait until I serve in the zone that has florence or brescia as that is where you get ties for 2 or 2.50 Eruo respectfully. If I serve there, I will for sure come home with a suit case of ties!!! Real high quality Italian ties for like 3 bucks! So you can imagine that matching ties for milan mission and rome mission plus all local leaders in italy cost a lot but as they bought a few hundred ties, some tie maker man made a good deal. Every Christmas the mission gets mission ties so I get another one in a year! :)
The cold weather pack from Adrians is amazing! Would have died along time ago if I didn't have it. I have also bought two other scarfs one fancy one and another gigantically long one that is super warm! I love scarfs!  If you got a scarf and a toque aka beanie, you are warm. I think I am getting used to the weather...its cold but whatever.
Wow, my mission is flying by! Hope it slows down! I love it too much!
The annoying thing about Italy is their police sirens-they sound so great, NOT! super weird sounding.

Love you all so much, tons and tons!

Love your favorite person ever,
Anziano Edwards!!!

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