A.J. would love to hear from all of his friends and family!!!! Please write to him!!!

  • The mission home is the best place to send mail. The address is:
                   Anziano A.J. Edwards
                   Italy Milan Mission
                   Via Antonio Gramsci 13/2
                   20090 Opera MI
(*Note: A.J. will be released from his mission the beginning of August 2014. The last time to send him a "real" letter/snail mail from the U.S. would be the end of June or early July due to the time it takes to actually be processed and travel to the mission home.*)
  • Email address:
  • DearElder is another great and easy way to send mail. It's easy to register and costs the same amount as normal U.S. to Italy postage ($1.05). 
  • Also, any message posted on his facebook will get sent to him :)
To Contact Your Local Missionaries:

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