Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas is in the Air

Email: December 5, 2012

Carson, they drive on the right side of the road. Same as America but they are completely crazy drivers but they are all really good at the same time. They only have a few lights, but a billion round abouts. Look up the car "Fiat Multipla" I would have to say its the ugliest car ever! 
Our district grew, We have have us (vicenza) and still Padova and now also have Mestre(where the zone leaders live) and Treviso. 

Cool stories: Doing casa, we found a young man going to art college here from dads mission. And the past day, we stopped a guy doing strada and he said in a deep and scary voice " I know who you guys are!" in perfect English. We prepared to say we are not the Jdubs(Jehovah's witnesses) but ends up he is a less active guy here! He got a scholarship to BYU when he was 19 and studied there for a year(maybe more) and got baptized and became and elder but when he moved back to Italy, he became less active/never comes to church. He does not like how small the ward, well technically the branch is here in Vicenza. Poor excuse I think but we are going to pay a surprise visit to him later this week or next as we called the branch mission leader and branch president and they know of him and all his back stores and also his records so thus his address :) Super cool Italian guy. 
 Just got back from Venezia aka Venice today with the Anziani from Padova. Cool and fun time but cold! Bought a Venetian mask! 
I really like how close Italains are. They are close families and family oriented and just when going through town families tend to hold hands. I think its super great. 
Have fun and good luck in life.
Con amore, 
Anziano Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

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