Sunday, February 3, 2013


Email: November 14, 2012

Well the weather is cold. Yeah cold is perfect to describe it. E. did get baptized super cool experience. My collega and I were the witnesses and a member, brother Shakespeare baptized her. It was such an awesome experience. L. is set for next weekend but we may end up moving it, not sure, we will see her toady after p day ends. Today we are going to venezia or what americans call Venice. Should be amazing! I am super excited, we are going with the copia in padova. We did not get transferred but the jr companion in padova, anz Hymas is going to somewhere in the Milano Zone, just south west of Milano to a city that starts with a P... anyways We are teaching more Italians so maybe half of your lesson are Italian. We went to the army base for breakfast on monday; it was the last time we could with the Maughans. They and a party at a members house tuesday evening and we went and got a picture with them. They are leaving at 4 am, so a few hours ago and we will get our new sr missionary couple november 20th it sounds like. Laundry in in our apartment, just the washer and you do laundry when ever you want. We do have hot water and our shower is small but the shower head it great. The apartment is easy to clean as its small which I am ok and used to now. My collega is not as neat as me but not bad at all, he is awesome. Love him so much. Journal writing is going great! Every night! I love writing in my journal! :)
Thanks so much! I love you all and sorry I forgot my card reader for the computer so no pictures! Next week for sure!

I love you all best of luck in everything my prayers are with you.

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