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Email: January 23, 2013

Well glad to hear its warm back home....its cold and wet, well more wet than cold as I think I have adapted well to the cold and it isnt that bad, but rain...rain is no fun at all, but its part of the work! :)

Some stories and recent happenings:

We dropped or are in the process of droping, giving a final lesson to many of our investigators who are just not worth our time. Sounds bad as everyone is important, but as missionaires, we cant teach everyone. If someone has a glimmer of hope, we have to drop them and come back to them later in a few months as we can only use our limited time to dedicate ourselfs to those who are activly progressing. 

I feel as if I am a master in people watching! Especially when watching THe District DVDs and I notice little/odd things the missionaires in the DVD do or dont do. ALso, people are so funny! I love just walking around or rideing my bike at watching people, they do the weirdest things! Try it some time.

I LOVE the Italian people! They have their strange, well better yet, very strange ways and habits. Their personalities are very unique and differnet from Americans for sure. We met a few Americans this past week and they are all so rude and thier voices are just anoying. I was remended of how rude Americans are in genreal, the Italians are rude as all people can and will be but they are just so much more polite and talking to them is such a more plesnet expericace.  My favorite thing is the Italian hand gestures! Love them to death, dont know how to explain them, but they are great and so usefull. They use their hands to talk more so than Americans but just and gesture they do in general are so much better than back home. And plus, they are usefull and get your point across! I wish I was an Italian, who wnats to move to Italy with me!? Its way differnet than home, but so much cooler, except gas is a billion times more expensive. 

Allora, At zone confrence on the 17 we watch a video of the Rome temple and it focused on the statue of Christ and the apostles that are exact replicas of the fist ones that are famous  and are in some old famous bulding, anyways the rome temple has so much cool stuff! Such a awesome thing! Super exciting! The members LOVE it, they go nuts about their Itlanian temple! Super cool. 

An 8 year old american girl got baptized last saturday and we were the witnesses, and her dad did not baptize her as his white clothes were being shippped here to italy, as they just moved and so a random member baptized her. Anyways the dad is some special army man and picks locks and since the closet in the padova chaple that had the white clothes in it, was locked and them members who had they key could not come and open it, the dad was trying to pick the lock, didnt work as he didnt have his tools. He said he could have get it open in less than 10 seconds with his tools, but since he oly had two paper clips that wer not the right size, he couldnt do it. Well the Padova Italian bishop cam eventualy with white colthes of his own that were small so that is whay another member baptized, I was going to do it as I fit, but they choose a member who infact, was his first baptism. He served in Russia and never baptized his whole mission and his own kids are too young, It was a super cool watching the father give up, per say, his right to baptize his own daughter, the olders kit too, to some, basically random member. the father did although give an AMAZING blessing to his daughter afterwards. Super cool to watch the entire events unfold. That was probably confusing but deal with it, ;)  

My computer this week only has a floppy drive so picture of bike next week. This afternoon we are going to Marostica, a castle city with the Sr. couple, Arbogasts. 

Um yeah, ciao!

Love me, 
Anziano Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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