Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fancy Flyers

Email: May 28, 2014

Well we didnt teach many lessons, but the week was great. We make some fancy flyers for our free english class! Hope we have a good turn out.

Send me lots of pictueres!

WIth all the love I can send through this email, 
Love you all and cant wait to come home!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Edwards 
Climbed down some stairs that were roped off...didn't see any sign that told me not to go...haha
So a few weeks ago I found a cat....Anz. Finnerty wouldn't let me bring it home :(
This is my new district leader. He is Canadian so we don't judge him. Hahaha jk
Happy Birthday to me! Grazie. I got both packages: Angie's and the Family's

Monday, May 26, 2014

Amazing Mission!

Email: May 21, 2014

My new companion is Anziano Espinosa. He is from northern California. He has mexican ancestors. His previous city was Modena, litterly 10 min east... He will hit his year mark in a month. He is really good at the language and being creative. We get along well. 

It has been weird having Anziano Finnerty out of the appartment. We all miss him for sure. I am postive that I will never have an appartment, or college room that will be so fun, loving, funny, spontanious, understanding, and overall super spiritual. I loved the past 3 months. I hope the next three months will be similar. 

The new sister in the district is Sorella Jackman or somthing like all know how bad I am with names. ps, a skill I have aquired during my mission is the ability to not remember unimportnat things....but I also forget the names of the misionaries I serve with...hahaha  My district is a very experianced district of older missionaries so I am looking forward to some great things here sooner than later!

Anz. Finnerty did stay the night here monday night as he had to pick up his permesso di soggiorno tues morning at 8:30 so that was a bunch of fun to see him again. He is in the same stake as me so I assume in the next three months there will be a misson confrence or stake confrence to see him again.

Not much has happened over the past few day. Our baptimal date is doing very well and will come to church with his girlfriend who is a member so we are pumped for that! He reads the BOM (Book of Mormon) everyday and even better, understands it all!!! I am so thankful for the BOM being available in nearly ever language in the world! ps, I could never learn Urdu. crazy looking language! 

We had family home evening with our The Elders quorum pres and his family of 4 kids, ages 12-18 on monday then tues. evening, we had FHE with our ward mission leader and his family of two young boys ages 6, 8. IT was a blast! Super spiritual too! This friday we are having FHE in Parma with a newly retired husband and wife with a less active Peruvian brother and sister! FHE rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all tons and tons. I miss you daily and always pray for you all! My mission is amazing. I love Itlay and all the people here. 

With all the love from Italy, 
love, Anziano Edwards! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day Skype Session

Missionaries are allowed to talk with their family only twice a year -once at Christmas and again on Mother's Day. We are lucky enough to be able to Skype with A.J. instead of just a telephone call. This was the last time that we will talking with A.J. as a missionary (back to the weekly emails) because he is coming home the beginning of August!!!!!

A.J. is happy as ever and absolutely loving Italy and everything about it -the people, the language, the food (particularly pizza and gelato at the moment), the missionary work, the country, his companion and other Elders he lives and serves with, and on and on and on......He is excited to be coming back home to Utah, but will definitely miss Italy and being a missionary. He can't wait to show everyone all of his pictures and tell all of his stories face to face. The personality and sense of humor has not changed or gone away one bit!!! He says that the mission hasn't changed who it is, just improved him as a person and made him "a better me!"
He ended by bearing his testimony in Italian and though as a family we couldn't understand all of it/most of it, the Spirit was still felt strongly and his love for this Church and gospel is intense!

Faces of A.J.-

*Important Contact Information!*

A.J. has about 2 1/2 months remaining as a missionary in Italy. Due to this, if you would like to send any "snail mail" letters and/or packages the last time to send them would be late June or early July so that it has time to travel and be received and processed in Italy and the Mission Home. A.J. would seriously love to have some more mail and love sent his way.
For more information check out the Contact Page :)

Always Do Something Fun! - Ferrari Factory

Email: May 14, 2014

Well my favorite companion will be leaving tomorrow morning....Anziano Finnerty is being transfered way north to Trento! His companion is fairly new, will hit his year mark in a few months, basically one year behind me in the mission. He is nervous but excited. I have seen Trento once when I traveled there to get his permesso di soggiorno, it is super pretty, a good summer city too! 

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures I sent home. Today was so much fun. The other three Anziani are amazing! The other Anziani are staying in Reggio for a third transfer together. I am no longer district leader! Whooo!!!!!! hahaha It will be a good change of pace and honestly a bit weird..I have had missionary leadership since my 4th trasfer...last Feb! Anz. Berg entering his 9th trasfer will be our district leader. We are getting a new zone leader too, his name is Anz. Miller or somthing like that...dont remember...hahaha what's new?!

Glad as always to hear how happy and healthy you all are!!! Give grandpa a hug for me!, tell him how much I love him!

I am super excited for the next three months, my new goal is to write in my journal, I was so good at it before comming to Reggio....maybe having the three coolest elders was a bad thing...hahaha 

As you know, I love you all. My mission means so much to me. Italian is awesome, so is the food and the people! I cant even begin to express how excited I am for everything currently and for the future!

Love you all and go and do something fun and new and of course I will do the same!  

Anziano Edwards!!!!!
Our family away from our family. The Reggio Emilia missionaries with Fratello and Sorella Danso. He is our ward mission leader in Reggio and his wife makes amazing banana bread. Love 'em to death!
My favorite! But a close battle with the 4-seater! 
The 4-Seater!
Ferrari :)
MTC Mission Group
Ferrari Racing Team

Oh Romeo, Romeo.......

Email: May 8, 2014

I will see you all on Sunday! (Mother's Day Skype for the missionaries and their family) Ciao tutti!
Voi siete bravi! vi voglio bene!
Anziano Edwards! 
Enjoy all the pictures. 
This week was one of the best weeks ever. Good work and the best mission confrence, well half of the mission....same thing. You know you are an old missionary when you dont know half of the missionaries at many new faces! Crazy part was they told me they had been her for nearly a year...crazy.

Looking forward to your smiling faces! 
I captured it (lightening) only took about a few hundred pictures to get 
Happy Birthday to Me!!! 1 Kilo of Gelato! (that's 2.2 pounds for us Americans)  Flavors: Biscotti, Strachiatella, and Nutella
La Casa di Giulietta!
Oh Romeo oh Romeo...literature sucks! But I was in Verona so I had to be like all the other billion tourists!
Look! It's me in Verona!
American Pizza according to the Italian Pizza shop next to the house of Romeo and Juliet...gross!
And apparently this is Italian pizza....sad part is I bet 99% of the tourists believe it....and then even eat it!...*Puke!*