Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pictures of Piacenza

Email: February 12, 2013

Here are some pictures from my last day in Vicenza and my new place in Piacenza!
Me outside the chaple in Vicenza
Me outside the chaple in Vicenza
Me and Presedente Mateazzi in the chruch by his office
our sign above the toilet... hahaha 
Our Bedroom
our shower being held up by a rope...
Extra Room/DIning Table
study/main room
Main hallway in the building
Our Door 
the small chaple (38 people were at church on sunday, averages from 30-55 people are usually in church 
it snowed, Italy got hit with a big snow storm, we got maybe 8 inches here, picture only shows maybe 4 inches. Because of thw snow storm, the Zone Confrence that was scheduled for tuesday was changed to Wed, so that P-day was moved to tuesday, that is why im emailing you today.
The street the chuch is on, its in the middle of Centro in a bussiness building on the 3 floor, maybe the 2nd floor....dont remember...
The entrance to the building
Anziano Cook is from Washington state and is the only member in his family. He was baptized two years ago and is a fantastic new missionary who know the langukage VERY well. Great missionary to just sit and talk. He has taught me so much about the catholic church-the basic beleifs and such. I am co-training him with Anziano Thompson.

Anziano Thompson just started his 6th transfer. So cook has completed one transfer, myself 3, and so us combined is still younger than Thompson who has completed 5. Anz. Thompson is from Idaho Falls, from "the high school" There are about a dozen missionaries and more that have been called to the Milan Mission all from this high school, but its because that all took Itlaian class in high school. 

Both companions are super great. Cook is good to talk to, Thompson is funny and crazy but has found tha ballance to having fun and working hard. This is will a great trasfer! The only trio in the mission! 

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