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Email: January 16, 2013

The weather is, um COLD! Rather, FREEZING!!! It has been raining non stop basically for the past few days and coming back from Padova-spent our pday shopping and just hanging out with them-we saw snow....the entire 30 min train ride was more and more snow. No fun! Our bikes we covered and my fingers are too cold so im sorry if my typing is horrible, I cant feel my fingers. The Weather is highs around 8C and no clue about lows but in the evenings as we head home a sign says its like -1 to 5 depending on the day. So its sits around freezing and warms up decently in the day. Its zero or below now as its snowing hard and all sticking. My collega does not like the rain or snow, well at least while in Italy. We decided back home it was warm rain and we had a car and could play in the rain if we wanted but now, we have to be out in it, but the more times you do finding work in awful weather, the better wife you get ;)

Forgot to get a picture of my bike, its a really good one though! Except its a mountain bike and not a comfotrtrably city bike. Picture next week. 
We got our appartment thgououly checked by the Sr. couple as all sr coulpes are doing very indepth checks of all apartments and dthe mission is sbuting new ones and re updating all exitsting apartments. We get new pots and pans, taoater, couch/love seat, maybe paint job and some other stuff. Its way nice! The mission is stressing perfect working apartments, we had our land lord come over to ask him some questions and he was super freindly and helpful and had good costomer service, which most italians, would be sasfe to say all have poor costomer service, just the culture. Like to day shoping you ask for something they tel you go look for it  and they never have peopl eworking the floors to help you so in a way its nice because you dont get bugged while shopping.  Funny thing today as our train was cencelled, happens all the time as they are always on strike....annoying, but we had to take a bus and we asked a bus driver what number bus goes to Vicenza and he said" Bho! I dont know, there are signs and numbers abovre your head! Go look there!" We said well ok...but then he answered us and said mayby number 8. There way of helping is very blunt, seems rude but they dont mean it at all that way. I kind of like it! Blunt/simple and direct. yeah, I like it! 

Venice aka Venizia is super cool. there are elders in mestre which is baskically the same city. they are our zone leaders and have a car and bikes. Anyways you cant do finding work in venezia as its all tourists and no locals but they do go there several times a week usually for lessons with italians who actually live in venice. Anyways the branch her is growing in both branches! Less actives are showing up each week and so thats super exciting!  The people from gahna speak english, some speak italian if they hav lived her for a while. 
the Referal was AMAZING! Luca, our branhc mission leader and the first counceler took us to his house as we only had an address and he didnt anser the door but we found a back door with a light and it was his house,  and he answered and invited us right in. Gave a blessing as he hurt is foot at work and no doesn have work. We will try to go back and see him again next week. he gave us all his info and seemed interested. His daughter is in Florida with kids, is a member and is super cool she skyped while we were there the but internet went out and so we could say hello to her. Also, his wife didint like us at all and was suprised when she saw us there when she came home from work but really warmed up and is super cool as well, not super inteested in us but we will see. 

Its been a cold but very good week. 
Well its 6 so time to go work in the snow storm! 

Love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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