Sunday, February 3, 2013

Q&A with Anziano Edwards

Email: November 21, 2012

How is the Italian coming along? Its progressing but its hard for sure. Discouragement is of the devil! I am just improving and studying hard every day so Im doing my part and hopefully the Lord with bless me with the gift of tongues sooner than later ;) my collega is really good at helping me and encouragement. The language, with all things from the Lord come when he needs it. 
Do you go to the Italian branch sacrament meetings or the English (or both)? Both every week!
Are your members helpful in the missionary work? Yeah, but its hard working with their schedules and getting them to lessons with us. They are super bravo at fellowshiping and welcoming new members and investigators in church. 
Is Italy starting to feel like “home”? For sure! I love Italy, but something about America especially STG is home for ever and for always.
Sunday the 11th, went to English branch for sacrament and a few min of class before we all had to go home. The rain was crazy and two years ago the city I guess flooded and members were stranded at the church and around town so the stake pres. ordered us all to go home and the Italian branch was cancelled completely. We had to sandbag the church and stay in our apartment all day. The city flooded and such. It was crazy, so much rain! 
Thanksgiving with Enjoy at the McCallaums(members)!  Yeah America!
con amore, 
Anziano Edwards
ps, Venenzia was amazing city, going back before christmas sometime. 

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