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Email: February 6, 2013

Well thursday morning Elder Arbogast will pick us up so we can catch our train to get to Milano Centrale for transfers. Anziano Proctor is staying in vicenza and will be training for his last transfer, its funny every now and again to joke about how he is going home the end of march. he hates it. His wish is to train an Italian and there is a 3/17 possibility as three new missionaies are Italians. We will see, or he will see... Quinidi, I am getting transferred to PIACENZA!!! The city where Anziano Proctor was born in (aka first city) so he has filled me in with all the details of the city and what happened there 2 years ago when he served there. My new companionS will be Anziano Thompson and Anziano Cook. Anziano Cook is new, and will be starting his second transfer so technically I will be a co-trainer with Anz.  Thompson. A trio! that will be exciting and new and fun, I am excited! There usually is never a trio so its really rare. Super cool. Piacenza is 45 minutes by train southish of MIlano in the Verona Zone, but will go to the combined zone conference with the Firenze and Bologna Zones in Modena. Piacenza is about the same size as Vicenza and Anz. Proctor siad that when he was there, church varied from 30-60 people each week. Will be a fun time getting out of little America! ;)

Attached are some pictures. Annes and I, my bike and Anz. Proctor and his bike last Pday.

1. Teatro Olimpico, old famous theater.
2. Me at Parco Querini, A park we always do finding work in.  
3. The Basilico, the famous buliding with a green roof that us preidnets modled thier homes afer apparently

My new favorite quote,  " any fool can know. the point is to understand" -Albert Einstein

Well picturea take for ever to upload so the work here is going very well. Loving it, investigators are scared to get baptized and dropped their dates, but good transfer to set a bunch and even baptize a few people. 

This evening we are going to our eternal investigators Gildos house and his wife Karen who is a member for a familiy home evening my first one! Karen mentioned it last time we went over as we asked for referrals and so they invited some family over for dinner and we will have family home evening with all of them. Our lesson will be a far with walnuts and rice, priorities. You have to put the big things first then fill the space with the little, less important things last so you can fit it all in your jar/life. 

Super fun. PLus Karen is Hundouran and cooks fantastically with hot spices, as in general, Itallian food is never spicy. Well, at least  not to American standards. 

- Anziano Edwards 

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