Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Countdown Begins!

Email: July 23, 2014

Punk, dont worry about your not too cool scorpion story, because mine and carsons are that cool either! Glad you didnt go to the hospital. Its cool that we now have a mutual hate towards those dumb critters! I understand the feeling of fire, scorpions are dumb! When I get home we will go out and smash them all until they go extinct! We will use a big black light and wear big rubber boots to keep us safe ;)

I don't remember my 13 goals, but they are written down at home so next week I might send them to you. Many of them are really dumb and funny, so not too serious, but other are super good. 

Well this week was good. THe other companionshi traveled all the way to Ancona, super long train ride away so Anz. Burton could pick up his renewed permesso di siggiorno and he forgot his origional receipts and so they stayed the night there and we overnighted his origional papers to overnight a letter with DHL it is 21 euros! Thats like $30 or somthing! Crazy! 

Its been hot. End of stroy. Well, more humid than hot so that is why it sucks! But I guess I have to stay strong until the end right? YES! 

Tons and tons of storries and pictures in a few more weeks! Stay stong! haha

Anz. Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mission Life is Mission Life

Email: July 15, 2014

Good to hear all is going super well. I honestly dont know what to share with you...mission life is mission life. Nothing goes your way, people come and go and its summer now so its hot.  I have been blessed with is very very mild summer! I love it! Secretly I am super excited for a 110 degree summer day in dry St. George! I have missed it more than I would have ever thought.

I know comming home will be super weird, but I dont want anything more than to be home with those I love most! I set 13 goals of what I want to do before me mission ends and the best part is my companion. Anziano Espinosa is down to do what ever I want, within reason. He understands how important my mission has been and want to do everything possible to help me finish strong. I couldn't have asked for a better last companion! 

The assistents showed up yesterday morning and gave us our new fridge. So now we have two! Its great! I was good to see Anz. Tanner, my first trainee and to see that he turned out alright. haha He has been in Milano or the area for the past year and his is sick of it, but he will be threre as AP for atleast a few more. And on the other hand; I have had a wonderful spread of cities. Far west to far east the middle and have gone down south for confrences. I have seen the mission. 

I gave a talk on Sunday. I called the member who puts the sunday programs together and signed myself up for a talk. Weird huh!? Something I would never do back home and yet I wanted to do so in a forign language. My topic was, go figure, misisonary work. It was very nice and I got to leave the ward my testimont wich was the real reason why I wanted to. reggio emila has become my home, dont caompare you St. George, but I love it here. I know in a few weeks it will be really hard to say good bye. I hav alrady began my preparations to ride the only fast train in Italy I havent been on, an ITALO. Google it, they are super fancy and a private company.  

Invite the missionaries over for dinner before I come home or for a FHE. 

Love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

My Family Booklets & Happy "America" Day!

Email: July 9, 2014

As a mission we are pushing "The My Family booklets" so we have to make our own and help all new converts do the same. Its super fun. 

For the fourth of July, we ate and McDonalds. It confermed how much I hate fast food. Plus its super expensive here. But we had to celebrate America day! 

The work is great, we have lots of success iwth less active members. We are looking forward to some baptims here in Reggio in the coming weeks. Pray for us! or rather our investigators! :)

Love you tons and tons! 
Happy car shopping! I cant wait until I can drive at my own free will, I am sick of public trasportation and crapy bikes. 
Send my love to everyone. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Plan of Salvation Card Success

Email: July 2, 2014

I am super excited to come home and fairly excited to start school again. haha It is going to be a blast living together with Jason. I call the best bedroom! I am most excited for a super cool new apartment. The one here in Reggio is old and in a scaryish part of town. I am not sure who thought it would be good for missionaries...we are on the list to get a new appartment but I will be gone when that ever happens. Luf you tons back!

The ward loved the temple! Go figure! haha they were the happiest people in the world! They left for three days and came backsaturday late evening. They took a tour bus all together, 13 hours! There were 51 who went and two couples were sealed, two youth for their first time and one 30 year old(my less acitve!) who went for baptisms! Chruch was combined and the first hour was a temple lesson given by the bishop rick and the second hour was normal class. Sacrament was testimonies from the members who were sealed or went for their first time. It was SO spiritual as you could imagine. One of the best sundays for sure! 

As you saw in the pictures I sent, we have been going crazy with these new plan of salvation cards we made ourselfs. Mondaydistrict meeting Anz. Espionosa and I gave a 20 min training on the ways we can utilize them. We are very excited, rather, extreamly excited. We didnt go to bed until 1:30 becuase we pillow talked for ever thing of the cool ways we can use them! Besides being the happiest I have been during finding work(tracting), we have tons of success! 

I just checked out family search with dads account! It is super cool. We are using "My Family" booklets to teach and create with our new converts currently. I filled mine out but I need pictures of each of my siblings, mom and dad, all four grand parents and all my great grandparents. 

English class is every tuesday adn thursday evening as a free service in the city. We have like 25 "students" and it is the funnest thing ever! I teach the intermediate class, the sisters teach base grammer and the other anziani teach the advanced conversational class. We are teching some of the people the gosple so we ahve lots of new investigators comming out of it! Perfect! Also, we always finish with a "I'm a Mormom" video and they love them! Super great!

Well Anz. Burton is amazing and by far my best district leader and he has only been district leader for 1 trasfer before. He is from Washington and as dad knows, amazing at singing. He was on American Idol season 11. I love him already and our apartment is the best! We are going to have a rocking trasfer and I already know it will be a fantastic end. 

ps, it is super cool still. Middle of june or a week I was a litte warm,        not even hot. Now its breezy and warm. Last year it was an oven all of June and July and Aug. were the worst ever! 

Love you tons and pray for you always. Thanks for everything you do for me. I cant wait to see you! Love your alltime favotire missionary! Thanks for the fun pictures and uplifing thoughts! It was perfect! 

Tower of Fancy Cards! We received 5000 fancy Plan of Salvation pass along cards and made a fell... 
Me with Reggio Nell'Emilia. Some museum in town. It's a 3D map of the province Reggio Nell'Emilia. Kinda cool.
Italian front side of our Plan of Salvation cards.
English front side of Plan of Salvation cards. 

Italian back side of pass along cards. These only exist in our city. NO ONE else has anything like them! We created them, ordered them, and I haven't ever had as much success as we are currently having. I love it!