Sunday, February 3, 2013

You Know it's Cold When....

Email: December 12, 2012 

I attached a bunch of photos this week too. some form Venezia last p day and my Venice mask that is all hand made and the snow we got here last week. It is cold!!! Ended up with about 4 inches but it all melted by the end of the day and now we have no snow. You know its cold when your bike brake doesn't work as its frozen....and your bike seat has a good layers of frost on it...I'm doing well though, wear a scarf and its all good.
Well in other news, I love shrimp! Yeah never thought I would say that! Went and at a part member family wife member husband not his name is Gildo and had a really good expectations and figured out why he doesn't want to hear the lessons, he is great and they feed us each week or so when we see them. We ate shrimp with a simple olive oil type sauce and spanish type  rice(wife is from Hunduras). English class is super great, great way to get new investigators! But I learn I dont know correct english! So hard to explain english grammar and all the exceptions we have. Chirstmas is great in Italy, but not the same feelings. I miss each house with christmas lights, here no one has their own house, but Centro has a cool tree and lights.
With so much love,
Anziano Edwards

Venetian Mask

A picture of all our food! we are goin to surive dec 21st! ;)
ps keep up with the temple sessions attendace, GO OFTEN AND REGURALY! Its such a blessing to be so close to a temple, i miss it.  so you all need to just GO! :)
Thats it, Italy is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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