Sunday, February 3, 2013

Post-Thanksgiving News

Email: November 28, 2012

I love my new camera and it works great! Today we are on the base and got tacobell and bowling plus free internet :)
In church I was a model for the Italian primary as their lesson was on missionaries and I helped teach for half the class which was super cool, there are only 2 kids plus on kid of an investigator. Thanksgiving was AMAZING! so yummy! (pictures attached) We ate at the McCallaums house and has a total of 27 people, E., our new convert and a few other less actives were invited over too as well as their Italian neighbors. Super funny to watch the Italian neighbors reaction to Thanksgiving. They said they had never seen so much food in their life! They were going crazy! They loved it though and I was super great!
It has been nice the past few weeks weather wise, but yesterday and today we have been soaked! Rain is such a pain but its always fun to laugh it off while riding though flooded streets ;) In fact last night while riding asap to the bus station my rear tire blew out. Like literally blew, I never have had a tire just pop before. Luckily I was less than a block from the station, not sure what caused it but got it fixed. The Italian branch mission leader and his wife speak English, he learned it on his mission in London and she learned in school here in Italy but they are offering classes each weak to teach Italian to some of the members who don't speak any or very well to help them get jobs here so we are helping with that once a week. 
Sorella Wolfgramm is so fantastic! She really is our mom here in Italy. We all made a paper star with our name on it so each missionary has their name on the christmas tree in the mission home. 
Thanks for everything you are all doing for me and you're all in my prayers! Love and miss you all :)
MY MISSION IS AWESOME!  Ps, I am speaking well and really understanding others now :) Super great! We have a baptismal date for L. on the 15 of dec, and M. on the 29 and E. will soon be on the 5 E. just hasn't accepted it but will! and our four new investigators including elect Kojo(super elect and ready man from Gahna) will have a date later this week for the end of dec too. We had a great week of finding elect people and setting dates for baptism!!!! Go us! 
Con amore,
Anziano Edwards :)!!!!!

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