Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy New Year Plus One Day

Email: January 2, 2013

The weather here as been SO nice! Like, its been warm...well cold but hot compared to the weather a few weeks ago it has warmed up for sure. Today is a light, constant rain, but what can you do? Work harder! Its been said that for every day your work in the rain or bad weather and angry dog you meet, the prettier our wife my wife will be amazing! hahaha

My new compainon is indeed Anziano Proctor. Last Friday we woke up at 5:00am!!!!!!!!!!! Way too early! Got the only train that wasn't a frecia bianca(fast expensive train) that got us to Miliano by noon, met the MASS of missionaries in the train station and sent Anz Moore off with his new collega, Anz Angel, and then Anziano Proctor showed up and we drove back with our zone leaders in Meste and started our work in Vicenza! He is such a wonderful missionary! He dies, aka goes home in two transfers so 12 weeks, end of march. I want to be the one that kills him, sends him home as I would be fine with being compassion with him for ever. He is such a great missionary, every sense of the word! He is just literally awesome! Speaks perfectly, and has the accent from the Florence(Frienze area) so he "eats his C's" all words with a C are sorta mumbled and sounds so weird and I am trying to get used to it. Every area in Italy has their own dialect, words that are only words in that specific area and also their own accent or ver specific sound when they talk. YOu can tell people are not from the area when you hear them because tehy dont speak "veneto" the local dialect here in Vicenza area. Anyways, Anziano Proctor is super awesome in everything, an experianced missionary so he just knows it all and he is such a great help with the language. We SYL, speak your language, when we are outside as much as possible, we average about 80% Italian when not in the apartment. I have learned how much and well I can speak! I have just been holding back becuase I feel inadequate but now that he has helped me speak more, I have learned that I really do know the language and am improving very quickly! Anziano Proctor is very clean, like VERY clean-personal hygine, organized, and cleans everything very well, I aprove! haha We get along perfectly! Its fantastic. I am loving life and the mission. We are doing such great things here already in Vicenza! This transfer will be amazing! We have so much planned and going to work really hard for sure! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anziano Edwards :)
Me and my CARS advent calandar, ignore my dress and face, I was happy it was christmas and I ate all my chocolates.... 
Our Little Christmas Tree

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