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Udine è una città di tante miracol

Email: February 27, 2013

 Azniano tanner is AMAZING! I love being his companion! If we knew each other before the mission we would have been friends for sure! He is as swimmer, loves hard manual labor, do it your self stuff, a BIG family guy and gets emotional with his family (me too if you couldnt have guessed!) Anz. Tanner is stressed quite easily and he copes with stress by hard work, so its great, we just go and do finding work and his attitude changes completely! He is super spiritual and always trying to better himself. he thinks I am the best thing ever at everything(far from!) and the best cook in the world(about right, I can cook well not to be prideful...).
The work in Udine is tough. Simply said. We had a few investigators but all of them were dropped, even the one we found. But we had a miracle with Ousman, a 12 year old boy who's mom is a new convert and his dad is not a member, nor wants to be. Father is muslim but gives his son permission to be christin, and his parents are divorced so he can only come to chuch every other week so we saw him the first time on Monday which was a Scambio with Trieste(district leader is Anz. Briscoe) and the miracle was Sunday evening when he got to his moms house, he told his mom that he wants and needs to be baptized! We taugh him The Gosple and he accepted the date for the 30 of March! BAPTISM!!!!!!! :) He just need to teach the commandmants and he shouldnt have too many road bumps leading to baptism, knock on wood. He is from Nigeria but doesnt realy konw english so we obviously teach in english. My collega hasnt seen him and wont see him for two weeks, basically the end of the transfer. Super cool too as our new convert of two weeks, Paticia (from the congo) was randomly hanging out with Florence, ousman's mom so she kept the two little boys quiet for the lesson.
typical day is finding work!!!!!!!!!! leave the house at 11 do some centro strada lunch and language study from 1-3 and then more rinding work until 8 or 8:30 when we do calls as the city is empty that late and you get yelled at if you are doing casa knocking doors after about 8 or 7:30. Italians get angry if you knock their door anytime after about 7:30/8:00, go figure. We have one maybe two appointments to new converts or visiting a member but they usually always fall though. Its good, though. This past week has been my hardest week in the sense of lowest weekly numbers, no investigators or new peope at chuch, no dates set, no lessons in the presence of members, 3 other lesson, 0 referrals, 0 new investigators, (only one this whole trasfer thus far) and then 3 lessons to new converts or less actives. its hard but a super great city. The members are all awesome and the brach misison leader we just call and tell him when we have a lesson and he calls the members to see who can come with us. the branch pres. is super great, Presidente Bressan and Fratello Toth, pronounced toot. Super great to work with and gave a a list of people dto work with and where to do finding work.
Cool side note, Anz. Gessel is one of the zone leaders in Mestre and he started his mission in Udine so we call him for all sorts of stuff.

Thanks for all your support and love! I pray for the Lord to be with all of you all the time!

La mia missione è importisimo! So che questa chiesa è vera è Dio è il nostro padre. Il mio scope è invitare le persone avire a Cristo.
Udine è una cità di tante miracol.

Con amore,
La tua fratello è figlio, una missionario a Milano,
Anziano Edwards.


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