Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy 6th Month Anniversary!

Email: January 30, 2013

Well nothing really new besides, indeed it is my 6 month mark! Whoa.....that was WAY too quick! I hate it as that means my mission is 25 % over! Not what I want, I love it too much. But time has to go by so I will just work harder and enjoy it more :)

This past week, I have been specifically asked, not me and my collega, "Are you Itallian?" So I guess I must be speaking Italian decently such that Italians ask me if I am a native. One guy asked it I was Italian and the other old couple asked if I was from here localy as I guess I was using some of the local dialect. So yeah, the language is coming along well! I am loving it!

The Italian memeber Annes, from Gahna but has lived in Italy for a good amount of time, finnaly got his mission call after two months, he is going to Rome Italy and reports to Spain MTC April 17th. The branch is super excited for him. Annes is a convert of two years and is 20 years old, he is a solid member and so great! Always willing to come to lessons with us. No doubt, he will be an amazing missionary down in Rome. 

Il mia collega, Anziano Proctor keeps making the joke that I will be a trainer next, then distric leader for a few transfers, then zone leader for a while, then assistant to the President for a bit then die as a normal missionary back home in Vicenza. He says all the time that I will be assistant one day just because of the ideas I have and how I am smarter than him and a better missionary than him now and how when he was in his 3rd transfer, he was a stupid missionary....he talks me up way too much. 
In reality, I will get transfered next week most likley, we will see. Also, Anz. Proctor says that I wil be put with another young missionary as that is what usually happens so that will be scary but a really good experiance. 

The gospel is being spread and new apartments are being bought in preparation of the growth our mission will recieve hear shortly which is super exciting! I am loving the work and it is moving forward for sure! 
Current investigators are solid, but not commitating adnn keeping invitations we well as we want. 

Love you all ciao!

Anziano Edwards! 
"The confession booth thingy in the duomo (main chuch) in Marostica"
My current district that most likey I will be leaving in a week.  
Elder and Sister Arbogast playing chess in Morostica
Myself and Anz. Proctor. We went to the castle city last p-day, super fun!

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