Saturday, September 8, 2012

Possa la forza essere con tu

Letter: August 31, 2012

So happy to be writing you all!  I love to hear what is going on back home and in each of your lives. Keep it up!
I’m sitting here trying to think of a story that I can tell you of something that has happened but can’t really think of one…
Oh! Anziano Tymczuk told us he was leaving Wed. evening so since he had $12 on his ID card, we went to the vending machines and he bought drinks, and lots of them. We bought 4 dozen and a halfish, made them into the shape of Italy. Then saw who could drink one the fastest. Anz. Day and I lost because we hate soda…we sipped it and watched everyone else die. Tymczuk won with 10 seconds! We then continued to “party” until 11:50. We had fun and just talked, packed his bags, traded ties, and signed ties.
Neckties here are honestly life $. Trading them is huge! It’s fun to trade them and sign them on the back.
I may have found a way to attach photos in emails. The USB ports don’t work but the computers in the laundry room have external card readers so I will try soon, for sure by next Thursday.
President Johnson will decide where Anziano Day goes now (what companionship to make a trio). I am hoping to get Anziano Day in my companionship to make a trio. I really think he would bring examples and ideas that would help me and help my companionship. Also, it would be cool to be a trio instead of a companionship.
Did temple initiatories this week and last and the first week. Did a session the 2nd week. Will be doing sessions each week for now on though. Will do sealings maybe soon.
We have a “drawer of consecration.” The bottom drawer in our bedroom is full of amazing food. We all contribute to the drawer and all partake of it freely. The whole MTC is jealous because ours is full of good stuff while others are full of crappy food and treats. Our district rocks!!!
What else this week…TRC! We were teaching 2 20 min. lessons to members who volunteer their time to be taught. Some are RM’s from Italy, others are actual Italians so it’s fun to teach. But this week I only taught 1 lesson because the volunteers didn’t show up on time.
Yup, that’s my life. Love you all. Below if you couldn’t tell is my Italian testimony J

Io so che questa Chiesa, la chiesa di Gesù Cristo dei santi degli Ultimi giorni e vero. So che dio amore mi molto. So che le famiglie sono eterno e famiglie piu importante.  Il libro di Mormon un altro testamento di Dio. Il Libro di Mormon contiene la porola di Dio. Io so che Joseph Smith era un profeta vero. Joseph Smith tradusse Il Libro di Mormon con il potere di Dio. Mio familiy sono importante per mi. Io parlo questi parola nel nome di Gesù Cristo, Amen.
*Update: Today (Friday 8/31/12) Anziano Day is in a trio with me and Anziano Klemm.
Possa la forza essere con tu.

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