Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Week in the MTC :)

Email: September 27, 2012 

LAST WEEK!!!!! I AM LEAVING!!!!!! YES!!!! I love the MTC and really don't want to leave, but at the same time cant wait for my adventure in Italy. I am going to serve the people of Italy in less than a week!!!! Crazy and so exciting!

Nothing has happened here at the MTC except I got my travel plans and a few days before that a letter from Pres. Wolfgram. The Rome missionaries are not loved as only the Milan missionaries got a letter from our Mission Pres. It gave us in case of emergency or missed flight, delayed flight info, ect phone numbers and such, a pre welcome letter telling us that we are awesome, they are super excited for us to come and join an amazing mission and a paper that we have to write our goals down and such. So I have to write my goals this sunday I think or on the plane-just before I meet Pres. Wolfgram in the Milan airport it has to be done.

I get my plane tickets, visa, passport, and all other paperwork an such tuesday moringing before We leave to SLC at 8 am.

My collega, anziano klemm got a notice to get his second booster for some hep a or maybe hep b so he has to go and get that today so I will as about my shots as well. Flu is a good idea and another HepB shot I dont think I need as the second day here we all have to meet with the nurse ladies and my imunization card was fine.

I am doing super great and am so excited and happy.


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