Sunday, September 30, 2012

Story Time


Story Time!
With Fratello Acerson we did street contacting. One person was the investigator who would be open to the missionaries, the rest of the class were not open to the missionaries. To decide who that was we each ticked a little piece of paper and one paper has an “s” (s for simpatizzani = investigator). Anyways I was the simpatizzanto. So I portrayed myself as a dad on the streets of Italy. Anz. Robinson and I were sitting on the bench and when the missionaries (Fratello Acerson and Anziano Bryant) came to approach us we planned to just get up and run away. Anziano Robinson was normal and just got up in a hurry…but me…I got up and was frantic! I started yelling, “Dove mi familia!?” Repeatedly. Translated to “where is my family!?” It was out of the blue and I made my teacher, Fratello Acerson, cry as he laughed so hard. It freaked out the class as I had been normal before that. Well semi-normal. Everyone here has not seen the real me, up until last week when this took place. I’ve been normal for the most part while I’ve been here at the MTC. It was super funny and memorable for sure.
Also, we did it twice and Anziano Day was the simpatizzanto the second time, and he was an old guy. But best part was the most innocent sister in the MTC, Sorella Preston, was trying to be awkward and play as  a young woman and flirt with them. It was funny, but more so unexpected. Anz. Day was a drunk man, then old man. Anz. Klemm was an old smoking man then a street performer who was juggling. Anz. Robinson was a normal man then a druggie –he puts his belt on his arm and pretends to shoot up drugs. The sorelle were quite normal and Sorella Bradford was fighting with Anz. Klemm as a couple and “broke up” so she was crying. Cool thing is, she was able to make real tears come.
The end!
Everyone remember to send me picture!
Love you all so much! Going to bed now. Bona note!
Con amore,
Anziano Edwards 

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