Sunday, September 30, 2012

Short and Sweet

Email: September 13, 2012
Hope you enjoyed the random pictures...I forgot my camera card today so I used pictures from Anziano Hurlburt.
I have been doing awesome and life is great. The language is coming super great and I am super happy. So great!
My investigators are progressing, they don't want to get baptized because they don't see the point or their husband doesn't like us...classic troubles.
The new missionaries are super awesome, seen them for like 5 min and sang them hymn number 44 in the Italian inni, its only an italian hymn, and shook their hands. One sister has lived in Italy for three years, dad in the Navy and there are 17 of them-two districts. Will give more info when I know them as their first few days is a weird schedule.
Love you all!
Anziano Edwards :)

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