Sunday, September 30, 2012

Deflated Eyeball Club

Letter: September 20, 2012
Ciao! Sto bene! Molto bene!
This letter will not make sense, just a heads up.
  1. "If you can’t appreciate something, then you are missing out on life.” –Anziano Day  
  2. "If you know more than you did yesterday, than you are on the right path.” –Brother, now President Miller  
  3. "We will all get there eventually. We are on God’s time, not our own time.” –President Miller  
These three quotes have been so close to me the past little while. They have taught me how to relax a little, take your time, and I will be fine. I understand how I need to work my hardest and be diligent and I will be fine. I am a missionary of God, one of His direct servants, and I have to love and do my part. Another random quote, no clue where I heard it, but it’s written in my little notebook I keep in my shirt pocket all the time, “Pray as if it depends on God; work as if it all depends on you."
Every night when we go back to our dorms at 9:30, we contact with people, usually one or two companionships. Sometimes we have had a zone or a 2-dozen or more listen to us. But all we do is bear our testimony in Italian to them. So fun and helps us speak better too. They usually return the favor and bear theirs to us in their language. The English-speaking missionaries are never thrilled to listen or bear theirs to us…boring English speaking Elders… It’s so fun and Anz. Klemm learns random pointless words/phrases and uses them in his testimony, such as “I know the giant squirrel lives and is huge.” Haha. Great stuff. My new phrase is “such is life”, you can use it in any situation. Not sure why I told you that…
I am part of the “deflated eyeball club.” Anz. Klemm made it up in class as he told the sorelle that they need to drink water so their eyeballs don’t deflate, as they were both crying. They said I could be part of their club. It’s an honor I guess to cry a lot… not that I cry all the time, I just do while the other Anziani don’t. Quick clarification: whenever I say “the sorelle” it’s the two sisters in my district: Sorella Bradford & Sorella Preston. If you say “um” that gives you a 100% American accent, which I find myself saying quite often.
The temple…. –not sure where that was going…I shouldn’t just start a sentence. The temple is great!
Love you all!!!
Con amore,
Anziano Edwards

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