Friday, August 31, 2012


Email: August 30, 2012

So great to hear from you once again. I LOVE PREPERATION DAYS! Email family and write letters=the best thing ever, besides learning the gosple and progressing in the language. This week has been awful. well the beginning of it anyways. I do not feel like I am learning any Italian and have gotten super down on myself. I know I can do it though and I am being stupid becuase I have learned so much and am progressing.
Our "progressing investigators" aka my teachers pretending to be people in italy so we teach them a few times a week in Italian. I have learned a lot from that and since my companion and I are able to get some sort of a message across, i guess we know italian. We teach patrizia and Leo. Leo, aka Fertello Acerson, role plays so well! It is so fun!!! We have taught Leo in the train station, aka the stair well, its awesome, we give him sort lessons and then he just gets up and leave and yells got to catch my train so we have to pretend call him and set up appointments. THe other companionships in the district have similar experiences. leo is not home half the time, his dad tore up the letter and pamphlet we left on his house door and the other compaions were invited to the disco tech, club and said yes becuase they didnt know what it was. We hold mock sunday school when someone is invited to church, and my companinship became members, Fertello and sorella Klemm (I was sorella klemm) and we had the sisters come over to our house so they could teach their investigator "alex" a lesson in a members home so they could have the spirit in the lesson more. Crazy things like that with fertello acerson make teaching our progressing investigators so much more fun. When we have sorella fairbanks as our teacher, we have set times when we teach so its not as realistic at all. We have to call and set up apointments with fertello acerson and he really plays the part of some investigarot he had in italy. Sorella fairbanks is always home as an investigators and doesnt throw any curve balls at us, so good and bads from each teacher. Its fun though.
Can't wait to hear from you all soon, love the letters and dear elders thoughout the week, make everythign better.
Oh, Anziano Tymczuk got in a van and left for SLC to go back home to canada...he wants to clear up some things back home so he can come back and serve a better mission.He is so strong and I love him so much our district bawled last night when he told us he was leaving. He promised he would be back though and I know he will be. He has so much courage and love for god that he is willing to to this. I will NEVER judge any other missionary that comes home. Even if they do not go back out. It is not our place to judge and we just have to love. Anziano Tymczuk is such a great guy.

Thanks for your support and prays, they really do help! Keep up the scripture study and continue to be awesome!

With so much love,
Anziano Edwards :)

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