Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jose the Guinea Pig

Email: September 6, 2012
Well hello once again, I don't really feel like writing letters today but we will see how this goes...
Thanks so much for your support, you guys help so much really.
The Italian is coming for sure. I spend 6 hours a day in class, an hour of personal study, an hour of TALL (technology assisted language learning) on the computer, and then gym and a few hours of study time through out the day in little segments. It's a busy schedule but great. Everything is inspired and I really love my schedule. Its a great week schedule with p day on Thursday, Tuesday devotional and Sundays, so it breaks it up very nicely. I study preach my Gospel a lot and we have other books we use to learn the Gospel and different ways to teach so class is half language and halfish teaching ways. we also teach our fake progressing investigators during class time. This week we made our own investigators and so others in the class teach each other. I am "jose" and am taught by the sorelle; and I and  Anz. Day teach the sorelle. Its so fun and good to see how an investigator feels during a lesson being taught. Also, I am the special chosen one. I am getting personal one on one help from the part time teachers and helper teachers so that has really helped. Also, since I get extra help, I am the guinea pig who is testing out the new Italian books. They are redoing the Italian textbooks so I am helping write them and their format. I get taught in class and also during my one on one time the new techniques that will be implemented in the near future in the MTC. WE get the new Italians on Wednesday the 12th so next letter I will tell you about them. 
I am getting fat. Well my type of fat. I have the slightest belly. Not fat like my pants don't fit but I'm just a skinny boy instead of a really skinny boy. I promised myself not to get fat, so I wont :) But everyone else is fat...haha the food is good so everyone eats unhealthy and eats so much but not I. Not craving any food as I don't really snack much. Send me what you want and what I like and I will enjoy it for sure. Journal writing is so amazing, not sure why I was so dumb and never wrote in one before. I also just bought a personal study/spiritual thoughts journal that I take to church, firesides, personal study and such. I put quotes and random thoughts and such in it. Good stuff. Yes I still hate soccer, we play volleyball everyday and it is so fun, (sand volleyball of course) We play as Italians and don't usually let others play in our game. Yeah we are not the nicest..but we grow together so that's our excuse. Um I will send more pictures next week and we now can in the laundry room computer lab.
I love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Anziano Edwards   :)

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