Sunday, September 30, 2012

Italian Lessons and Loving the MTC

Email: September 20, 2012
Italian lesson: Singular is Anziano/Sorelle and plural is Anziani/Sorelle. (Elder/sister)
I first thought that being in the MTC would be sort of awful, but it is such a great blessing! I get to listen to so many sunday firesides and tudesday devotionals. Sundays firesides the speaker is some director or big wig leader at the MTC and tuesday devotionals are an authority form the quarm of 70 from the 12 or possibly the prophet or his coulncelers..but thats not that likley. Anyways, they are ALWAYS so fantastic and you leave feeling like you can change the world, which I can I guess. Also they are so insipiring and I learn so much! I love them so much, you have no idea! And plus I get to wear my suits on sundays and tuesdays and thursdays as that is temple day so if its a suit day, its a great day. I love wearing my suits! So if I was here from only three weeks, then I would not have as many opprotunities to learn and listen to big wigs in the church. So amazing and I am so blessed to be stuck here for two months. It is a blessing to be here, the MTC is so great as the Spirit is so strong and everyone is happy and just amazing. Also, being here longer you learn more. But yeah, less than two weeks left!!!!!! Ah, so exciting!!!! It is going to be fantastic! So great! 
My journal is almost a 1/4 way full so I am going to buy another one here, they sell the sames ones at deseret book anyways. I love journal writing, not sure why i never did it before, stupid me.
Not sure who told me this, but we were talking about it earlier this week. The temple in Rome is obviously a sign that the Lords work will not be stopped, It is a sign that the work cant be stopped. It is a statement that eh adversary can not impact the overall progression of the spreading of the gospel. The Rome temple can not be justified in the fact that there are not enough members in Italy to use it. Also, there is temple a few hours away from any part of Italy in Switzerland so again, it seems unnecessary but yet it is being built. Why would a temple be built somewhere where there are not enough members or need for one so close to another? Sure the need may be there in a decade or two, but why now. Correlation between the amount of missionaires being sent to Italy> I think yes.
Every three weeks something happens in the Italy Zone (zone 33!) Aug 1st, a new wave came into the MTC three weeks later the previous wave leave, three weeks after that, a new wave comes in. So, new wave of Italy missionaries come into the MTC every six weeks. and so a new group lands in Italy every six weeks as well. I will ask the other two new districs who is going to milan vs Rome and let you know in my written letter with other good info.
Fact, I have seen Josh Curtis. We have same p day so I see him all the time every day at meals too.
Love you all and I am loving it here. All is well!!!
Con amore,
Anziano Edwards

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