Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bubblers and the Mormon Factory

Letter: September 14, 2012

Ciao mia famiglia!
Come va? Ho bene-molto bene - sempre bene!!! Mi dispiace about the crappy email. I didn't have time and because I forgot my SD card, I just used pictures from Anziano Hurlburt. Don't think I have ever explained this Elder, he's a special spirtied soul haha. He is so amazing, really. He is from South Carolina -win, is a convert and Oct. 18 will be two years as a member, he is super smart, and has such a weird personality. Never met anyone like him for sure. So great. Not sure how to describe him, besides a great guy. He borrows my second set of jeans every week for service as we are built the same. He has a smaller waist and is a little shorter. Another fact, he is crazy. Random weird dances and little spaz attacks. Also, we have nightly talks by the "bubbler" aka water fountain, about random things such as Christmas day vs Christmas Eve, food we like, pets -past & future, fears, etc... It's so fun. Oh another night we studied, Abraham 3 & D&C 138. "The noble and great ones" and applied it to us today; super great times. He is so strong in the church. Our next topic, being tonight, is we are going to compare lives- his vs. mine - growing up in the church vs. being converted later in high school. His family is supportive but are not LDS but he thinks they will be baptized eventually, sooner than later. I know this topic will take a few nights as it's so great - I know it will be. Enough of Anz. Hurlburt; he is a really great friend, we are super close. We rock!
Fact time! 40% of missionaries her are speaking/learning Spanish. There are 55 languages taught here at the Provo MTC. The MTC has 2 observation rooms on each floor of classrooms - we use them to watch each other teach so we can learn techniques of others. It's just like rooms the FBI uses except it's a normal classroom, but same concept. Super cool and weird when you know you are being watched. My floor, 3rd floor, is all the weird languages: Armenian, Greek, Finnish, Baltic, Lithuanian, Albanian -all weird languages that are super small, only 1 or 2 districts, so like 16 people maybe for each language. Oh, and we have French, well one class. Below us are all of the Islanders: Tongan, Fijian, ect... Our building is call the cool building.
I sing in the choir - so fun! I'm a tenor - or that's where I sit anyway. Our entire district goes -it's way fun, and no one can tell if you are bad because there are so many of us.
I have a new record: 128.4 lbs! Yeah, I'm a fatty, I know. Haha.
Witnessed a miracle: One of the Elders spilled grape juice all over himself and stained his shirt, but it didn't stain his garments. Yeah those really are a shield & protectant.
When we pray in Italian we use the informal (friendly) conjugation, not the formal way. Kinda cool to know that we really do talk to God as a friend and pray personally!
News! I got a new MTC Zone Presidency. Pres. Johnson was released after his 4 year time so now we have Pres. Miller (was our 1st counsilor), and Brother McMullin moved from 2nd up to 1st and the new consilor is Brother Morgan. He is awesome! It's exciting to get a new presidency but really sad to see Pres. Johnson leave. He was so wonderful. In Tuesday discussion (as a class) about the devotional, we had Pres. Miller join us and at the end he said truly, "You are what a district is supposed to be." That's right, we are awesome! Told you we are super close and love each other. So special!
I watched the CES devotional that Holland gave in STG and I saw so many faces I knew, it was cool.
Random fact: when teaching at the MTC, it's called TRC (no clue what it stands for). ANyways, our person who served in Italy was with a friend who is from Italy when we taught them - give them a Spiritual though type of lesson, as they are members I said I'm from Utah and he responded (the native Italian) with, "Oh, the Mormon factory." It was super funny. I was caught off guard, but we understood. He was joking of course, but so great. Typical story of my life: we went to the indoor gym as it was raining, so we couldn't play our sand volleyball, so we ran around the track. Or walked with Anz. Hurlburt to talk because we didn't want to work; we were lazy and we started walking with the Sorelle in my district (Bradford & Preston) and I was walking backwards, and my zone didn't warn me that there was a railing to the stairs in the way. Yup, I smashed into it. My stupid bone of my back/hip juts our of my body like all of my stupid bones. So now I have a pretty good bruise on that randome back/hip bone. So I'm still the same: I smash my bones all the time, run into stuff, and stub my toes all the time still.
I am no longer speaking English. The language is coming very well. I'm loving class and especially personal study time. As always, I love my district and zone, the MTC ways are so great! Me piache! After teaching Sorella Fairbanks, "investigator" Christina, I realized I promised her answers to all of her "tomorrows"...whoops. Good thing Anz. Klemm fixed it. Tomorrow = domani & Questions = domanda. WHy do words have to be so similar!? Suffer = soffire & deep fry = soferto? There are so many words that you pronounce slightly different that changes the entire word. It's crazy! It's interesting to know the random words you really say. When cheering you say "dai" (pronounced "die) so cheering on someone you say "dai, dai, dai, dai" (die, die, die, die) Funny stuff!
Well good luck in life, work, school, ect... Love you all!
With much love,
Anziano Edwards
*Italian > English*

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