Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking Italians for a Walk, and Leaving a Legacy

Email Written: August 16, 2012

I can play my name tag. Yeah its a cazoo.
I love letters from dear elder and I am getting them all as well as actual letters from mom and angie and friends. They are always just what I need to hear so thats  great.
The spirit is so strong and great here. It is esential and so fantasitc. I have never felt it so strong and learned to much about it. Its fantastic and I LOVE it!
In Italy you dont pull peoples legs as in joking with them, you take them for a walk.
Um jeffrey R. Holland is amazing! There are talks that are only put on here are the MTC and they are awesome. He said that his mission ment everything to him and will not let elders and sisters leave once they get to the MTC. He was crazy serious about it and was just powerful. Anyways so I am not leaving evn thought the first week was tough and still is but its all good and I love the MTC and my distric too much.
My mission presidency all went to Italy a billion years ago and so they know whats up and speak it too. They said that my group of Aug. 1st is the largest ever to come into the MTC and there is a reason for that. He group leavingon Tuesday the 21st ish have 12 and in three weeks we get 17 new missionaries going to Italy and then I am the big smart old wise group. Italy gets new missionaries every 3 weeks.
I will copy my schedule and lety you konw what I do here or just write in my hand letter. I an so busy all the time. I see Elder Bushnell all the time and just fouind out he lives the on first floor(basment) and i am on the second floor. We taled for a while last night. It was good.
Thanks so much for the package! Those pictures were the best!!!!! We have a drawer of concencration so we all put food and snacks in it and we all share it for the betterment of your room. We have the Best food in there. I just dont snack so i just contripbute for the most part but the healthy snacks I kept for my self that you sent. :)
We write our names and mission on random stuff such as bottom of desks, cupboards and things we pull off the wall like the demperature guage(thermostat thingy) We have to leave ouir legasy behind some how. and there is a GIGANTIC book oabout italy with pictures in the class so we all wrriete our names on that too.
I never remember who I wrote what to and what in my journal so who knows if I ever repeat stuff of forget stuff but yeah.
canada calls them chalk brushes, not erasers but it makes sense cuz they don not erase anything. and they say oot instead of out. Anziano Tymczuk (tim chuck) is from canda and he is awesome he takes jokes well and makes fun of canada more then we all do.
Aunt Vickie send me a package and will do so every week, She is Sam grandma and adopts missionaires. She is fantasitic. Home backe goodies every week!
The older group leaving to italy were so helpful and it sil suck to see them lean at 8 am tuesday and jeffrey leaves at 6 am on tuesday as well. The italians are flying from SLC to Chicago to paris then split up to rome or milan and Ishould to the same.
when we go do laundry thurdsdays at 8:30, we all sling our bags over our sholders and sing hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go, wistle sistle sistle hi ho hi ho hi ho. Its gerat the looks we get are so funny and I have it recored so you will see it eventually. We are all in step together and in one giganitic line of 40 italians. Its awesome.
well 30 min if up so.

I am so glad to call you my family and love you all so much. I wish i could send pictures but I cant so no pictures unti the begining of october from me :( I wnat to hug all of so so bad so *internet hug* :)

Love me, Anziano Edwards

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