Friday, August 10, 2012

Ciao Anziano Edwards

A.J.’s farewell was July 29 and he spoke on sacrifice…and cell phone coverage – he related it to prayer  He did a wonderful job, and surprised us all by going over on his time limit! We then headed back to our house and we met up with all of his friends and family for breakfast. His siblings made him a blanket with pictures from home, and matching pillowcases for everyone to sign and wish him good luck. Thank you to everyone that showed up and gave their support!

A.J. and Nefi

Elder Edwards and the little cousins
This is the blanket that A.J.'s siblings made for him :)

We also made a video of A.J. that played at the house during breakfast. If you missed it or would like to watch it again, it's your lucky day!

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