Friday, August 24, 2012

Salve! Come sta?

I am doing well!!!!!!!!!! Hard time the past few days with the language but I got over myself. Brother Miller, in my MTC presidency has told me this many times "Do you know more than you did yesterday"? I say yes each time the he says "well then you are on the right path" So comforting. We are all progressing at differnent speeds and growing in defferent areas so there is no good in comparing my self to others. I am doing good thought. I learn more italian each day and so im doing great that way, just sometimes feel that I am not pregressing as fast as I want. I rely on the lord and am doing my part. I can do my part in learning a little better though so I will do that and then the Lord can bless me more so than he already has.
I took pictures with Jeffrey and said my good byes. Hahaha, yes I did write him a letter/card and so I went to the store and was looking for a card and he was there and came up and asked me if i was looking for a card for my sister so I said yes and he was pround that he knew me so well. Jokes on him, that ugly card was for him. He picked it so I have it to him. It was a card with two old ladys sitting by a pool, yeah it was creepy and really odd. Not my fault he picked it.  Jeffrey was jeffrey here at the MTC for sure so you can tell him mom he was a great missionary so far and will continue to get better, no doubt about that. Boston is lucky to have him!
Have fun with everything you are doing family and make the best of it. I dont have my notebook so I dont remember any thing I wanted to tell you... so wait for my letter I will send today.
Oh! On tuesday devotional this week, we has some awesome guy speak to us. His name was like somthing like elder Neil L Anderson...yeah the APOSTLE OF THE LORD! It was so awesome, that guy is awesome!!!!!! His talk and his wifes was great. jeffrey and the older group of italians never got to hear anyone that cool and awesome. We were told we have a decent chance of hearing from a member of the quorum of the 12 but honestly didnt think it would really happen. More about him in my letter.
Not sure what else to say, but you all will get a letter this week that I will send out today.
Love you all and its good to hear you are reading scriptures together. You all are great.
With love,
Anziano Edwards.

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