Sunday, August 26, 2012

Toxic Trashcans and Neil L. Andersen

Letter: August 24, 2012

I am just sitting here waiting for the Tuesday devotional to start. Word is it will be Dallin H. Oaks. Tuesday devotionals are always an apostle, general authority so it could be Oaks, or just be a member of one of the quorum of the 70.
Tuesdays are so great. Service in the morning and it always goes short so we have quite a bit of free time and just relax then lunch (sack lunch), then 1-2 is language study as a district, so no church clothes until 1! Then it’s class (2-5), dinner, TALL (Technology-Assisted Language Learning) and the devotional, then we discuss the devo as a district then bed.
Today I had to write down the outside of big trashcans in bathrooms with Windex but my first one smelled horrible. So as instructed, took it to rinse out with toxic chemicals, I found what died. The bag leaked and milk(?) maybe puke and dead animals maybe were covering the bottom with furry mold. Yeah I puked, well almost. It was awful. But I would maybe eat out of it because I cleaned it so well. Ok it was still gross but it was clean for sure, cuz I’m awesome. Then the man in charge sprayed half a can of air freshner in the hallway. Anyway yeah it was way eventful.
Update! Some guy of the Quorum of the 12 walked in! Neil L. Andersen. WOOO! So cool! You can hear about him later!
Well it is later…it was very cool to have him walk in and it became dead silent as everyone stood up. No one even whispered. He talked about Thomas S. Monson’s teachings, he read 9 things that Pres. Monson would say and then told a story or just expounded a little about each point. I really enjoyed the point “Trust in the Lord: you will be an instrument in His hands,” and maybe even more, the point, “Never ignore a prompting.” Such a good talk. Also, on Tuesday, Elder Andersen put up a picture of Pres. Monson and it was his birthday so we all sang happy birthday to Pres. Monson. That was really awesome. Monson is 85. Also, when Monson was ordained an apostle, Andersen was ordained a deacon a month later.
My thing I want most in Italy would have to be seeing a big fat Italian man making pizzas. He would have a white undershirt on, gold cross chain, and is just tossing pizza dough in the back singing. Yeah, if I find him I would be the happiest man around! My collega, Anziano Klemm, can’t wait to get to a plaza or busy square and just shout about the truthfulness of the Church.
Io so che il Libro di Mormon e vero. So che Dio è il nostro Padre Celeste e Gesù è il mio Salvatore. Io so che le famiglie sono eterne. Joseph Smith era un profeta vero e Thomas S. Monson è il profeta di Dio oggi. Nel nome Gesù Cristo, Amen.
I love you all so much. You are in my prayers every day, multiple times too.
With love, your favorite,
Anziano Edwards

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