Sunday, August 12, 2012


A.J. entered the MTC on Wednesday August 1, 2012. We drove up to Provo the night before. On the drive up we saw a beautiful sunset! 
The beautiful sunset!
As a family we went early on Wednesday morning and spent some time together at the Provo Temple, and took a lot of pictures. It turned into more of an attempt at pictures because the sun was so bright and A.J. thought that his retina’s were burning. So if you notice our squinty eyes it’s either due to the fact that our family's Chinese heritage is finally showing through or we were looking at the sun for too long.
Saying "See you in 2!" to Grandma
The kids
With parents and younger siblings
The Mini-Me's
All lights are green to enter the MTC
Best Friends
Elder Edwards with the MTC in the background
2 very fine men
Anziano Edwards right before getting dropped off. He was very anxious and excited!

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