Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm alive!!!

Letter Written: August 10, 2012

As you know I’m alive!...unless you didn’t get my letter I sent on Thursday/Friday last week.
Please write to me using, I would love letters as often as possible. Short is great, often is better, but long often letters are super awesome! Dearelder makes it so easy for everyone as if it is sent by noon, I will get it that day. P.S. hair cut went good. I was pretty worried it would be bad, but it turned out great Side note, hair cuts are free and I get $6 every week to buy random stuff like supplies, personal care items, vending machine food, dry cleaning. Oh, and laundry is free, I just need laundry soap. That was the fun fact for the da. Oh sisters get $8!!! Crazy, I know!
My district is awesome! We are just so funny and get along so great and we adopted Anziano Hulburt from South Carolina. He’s a convert as a year and ½ ago(ish) he is just ridiculous! So dang funny!!! Can’t stop laughing when he is around, which is 90% of the time…he tells so many stories, it’s great!
Love you all!!!

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