Monday, August 13, 2012

Nametags are the Greatest!

Email written: August 9, 2012

Thursdays are my preparation days so that is when I will be emailing you. I can only email family so please encourage everyone else to write me, as letters are awesome. Let everyone know about as it sends letters for free while I’m here at the MTC and then in Italy it costs whatever postage does. Sorry for my spelling and gramar, I am just trying to write what I want quickly as I only have 30 min.
This place is awesome! The language is hard but I can do it. My companion is Anziano Klemm from Pueblo Colorado and his is just so dang funny it is great. There are 2400 missionaries here right now and it does not seem like that at all. I never see that many and think that there are only about 800 maybe? Anyways my district is by far the best out there! We are so close together and all get along so well all we do is laugh and have fun. We are open and just love to be together. New missionaries come in every six weeks that are serving in Italy so in a few weeks, my district and the other districts that just came in willl be alone for for three weeks then have a new group for three weeks then we are off to Italy! It is so exciting I just cant wait to get to Italy. The group that came in Aug. 1st has been the biggest group since 2006, its awesome to know that the Lord is ready for people in Italy and I am apart of that. on aug. 1st, 24ish of us came in together all going to Italy and we are now one of the biggest zones in the MTC. Italy has no idea what is comming! We are going to rock that place! By week 4 most feel comfortable speaking and teaching a lesson with ouit notes so when september rolls around I will let you know. I have seen so many Elders I know here its redicoulous. Colby Nelson was numer 17 today. I see Jeffrey all of the time and when I first got here and got my name tag I met up with him as we got our picture and ID card. I am loving this place!
Dwevotionals when all missionaries get together is cool as we are all in our suit jackets and were allowed to take them off and all of the white was so bright, it hurt to look around it was that bright. It was cool to think we are all here serving the lord and going around the world. Let everyone know about and I am leaving the MTC oct. 2nd.
All I hear is goodness. All talks and such are just for me I feel, I learn from each one and its awesome. I never get sick of hearing things as they aer just what I need to hear.
The lord is belssing me for my work and obediance and he will beless my family as well, so you are goign to be blessed in everything, I know that.
Read your scriptuers and pray all of the time, you never can say too many prayers. Thanks for supporting me fully!
Love Anziano Edwards. This cool name tag is like hte greatest thing ever! Just saying....
Love you agian and again.
-Anziano Edwards. It says ANZIANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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