Friday, March 29, 2013

Meeting the Melting Pot -Italy!

Email: March 27, 2013

Ciao tutti! Questa settimana era fantastico ma abbastanza difficile.. Mi piace Udine tanto, especialmente i membri della chiesa. Lora hanno un grande aiuta in tanti modi. Questa è il mio quinto trasferimento! Mama mia! Dovè il tempo!
Sono molto grato per l'opportunità di essere una missionario a qui in Italia. Ho recevuto tanti benedizioni durante la mia missione. Il mio collega è bravissimo è una grande aiuto in questo lavoro. Secondo me, Io parlo la lingua Italiana abastanza bene. Tante persone hanno deto che Io parlo benissimo. Il lavoro del Signore è deficile ma, quano ho lo spirito del Signore, Lo Spirito Santo, Ho la forza di fare qualsiasi cosa che è necessario. 
Mi manca la mia famiglia ma, lascio la mia famiglia per due anni in modo che altri mi possono con il loro per l'eternità.
Questa chiesa è la chiesa che Gesù Cristo ha stabilito con l'autorità. Joseph Smith era la prima profeta in questa dispensazione è il Libro di Mormon è la prova che queste cose e vera. Questo è la mia testimonianza, è lascio nel nome del mio fratello maggiore, Salvatore, con sede lascio, è redentore, Gesù Cristo, Amen.  

The other day I talked with someone from Chad, Africa. It was the 60th country I have talked with! I thought I was going to encounter Italians, Americans, maybe a french or German...who would have guessed Italy is a melting pot too! There are a bunch of Italians but there are at least 60 other natonalities here! Its so cool! I keep a list in my planner of places from where people are from whom I talk with.  

William has a date for the 20th of April, but he said in our last lesson, that he wants to move his date sooner. Reason being partly honestly is excited and also that he may move at any time to another part of Italy or somewhere else in Europe to get work. He really is attached to Anziano Tanner and myself and wants to get baptized with us. Good thing is that he said he knows the chruch is everywhere and he will be able to find it if he moves. We are so excited for William! 
 Ousman, the 12 year old son of a new convert, Florence, is still out of town for sports camp so we havent been able to even hear from him. His mom says he is doing well though.

Our distric got split, now is just us and Pordenone. Anziano Johnson is our District leader and just hit his half way mark. We got slip as Udine and or Pordenone will get a second set of missionaries at trasfers, May 2nd. we both have a big appartment that can fit 4 Anziani. The appartmemt in Mestre became a Sorelle appartment and Padova has four Anziani, next trasfer Mestre will get another copia so there will be four sorelle in Mestre and 4 anziani in Padova, with one copia from each city working a half day and changing cities in the afternoon. The mission has EXPLODED! New cities are opening and a buch of cittie are preparing for 4, 6, or even 8 missionaries! We have and will be getting a buch of sisters! Super awesome, the sorelle have such a strong spirit and are always the best missionaries.

Anziano Tanner are loving life and get along super duper great. We have such a good time always and are laughing constantly, usualy at something stupid I do...examples include me doing casa with my helmet on, using our house key and trying to open the neighbors door, ect I have lost my mind! I am constantly doing stupid things, but its good, just makes us laugh and lighten our mood.

I AM STARTING MY 5TH TRASFER! It's so crazy! I cant beleive it! I have been on my mission for nearly 8 months! Seems like I left maybe two months ago! I am so happy even though the work is stressful and hard with two investigatores, which neither are Italian, and we havent seen the one for a month. Italy is such a cool place to serve the Lord and the people dont really listen at all but I love them still.

With all the love I can type on this dirty keyboard and slowest computer ever,
Anziano Edwards!

This is the picture of when the Traveling Assistants came and blitzed us a few weeks back. Both Anziano Herrington (taller one) and Sciarretta are finished with their missions.

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