Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scegliere le Giuste!

Email: March 6, 2013

Attached are a picture of Centro and the other is of the Duomo in Udine. Cool little city. It is quite small, centro doesnt have any of the big main stores, but thats fine as I dont buy anything anyways. The city is quite spread out and very quiet and peacefull type of city. People are friendlier but still dont listen...bho. Work is hard but great, Anziano Tanner makes it so much better as he is such a hard worker. When he gets stressed, he has to work, he likes manual labor and is always asking for ways to can do manual labor service project in the community but there is nothing. Anyways is the point is Anz. Tanner has the typical new missionary syndrom: came in guns blazing, then hit with culture shock, and now realized he doesnt know the language he thought he did in the MTC. So he is stressed, just like me! So he just wants to work hard all day, great attitude! Love him to death, we get along so great!

The weather is warm! Well warm compared to the past months! Udine is warmer than Vicenza as I talked with Vicenza the past week at zone conference and they got tons of snow, and we got nothing. It is windy here though so that makes it colder than it really is. This past week so SO warm! Highs in the 11-14's! It was SO warm, random hot week. Its raining now, but not cold, just need a rain jacket and you are mostly warm enough, but jacket with inside liner is too hot. At night, when riding home at 8/9 o'clock its like 5 degrees which is plenty cold by me. Once the sun goes down, its gets COLD! Anziano Tanner is just how I was in the winter, always telling me how cold it is and how at home, Arizona, it never got this cold. He is so great, love him!

Anyways, Ousmans mom just called and said he is out of town for sports training and wont be back until the end of march and we have at least 4 more lessons, the commandments, so we will be setting a schedule of when we can meet and teach him and change his date for April sometime. We speak Italian with him, I think he was born here, as I think Florence, his mom, has lived in Italy for a long time. Not sure exactly though. other investigators include.....Lorenzo, Marco, Andrea, and Elsa, who are all invisible....haha yeah we have no other investigators, just a few new converts and lessa actives we work with. But did some area book work, and have a bunch of appointments set up this week and next week too. Things are looking up in the new investigator category. The work is hard but so fun.

Going to Venenzia with the Anziani from Vicenza(so my old city, my old companion and his trainee Anz. Giles) next week as that's the plan as of now anyways, so Im super excited for that, mostly just to see Anz. Proctor again and give him crap for going home as he hates when other remind him that his mission is ending in two weeks! 

Well not sure what to tell you but yeah. Keep praying and scegliere le giuste!


Con amore, Anziano Edwards!


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