Friday, March 29, 2013

Great Miracle Week and Smashed Euros

Email: March 20, 2013

Well email is going to be quick this week.
I and Anziano Tanner are staying in Udine. Our district is split so its just us and Pordenone. Both us and Pordenone will get a second copia of Anziani probably next trasfer (begining of May) or the one after that so Udine and Pordenone will have 4 anziani each! Gorizia and Trieste is their own district as well. Trieste will be getting a second copia soon as well. Our new zone leaders are Anziano Treadway and an Italain whose name I forgot. Padova will be housing the padova anziani and the zone leaders who will work mornings in padova with referal work then the afternoons and evening everyday in Mestre, the mestre apartment was changed to a Sorelle apartment and our zome is getting S.lla Padula(Italian) and she is training and whitewashing Mestre and next trasfer Mestre will geta second copia of sorelle. This trasfer is crazy mission wide. President is whitewashing many cities, new cities are being opened, cities are being prepared to open soon, so many people are training, and new apartments are being bought everywhere preparing for the peak of missionaries in the summer. SO EXCITING!!!

The word Bho, or Boh, seen it spelled both ways, just means , i don't know/doesn't matter/just about anything else you want it to mean. It is pronounced bow like on a present. It is usually used how Americans will shrug their shoulders and say that mumbling noise like i dont know.

Well this week was great, started to see some great miracles. William is still set and super excited for his baptism on the 20th, and he came to church, a member gave him a ride, and he loved it. Members were fairly good at befriending him. Found a new simpatizzanti, a 84 year old Italian but doest look or act that old. I would bet he is only in his late 60s but he said no to baptism in our second lesson as he is too old to change religions even though he said the whole restoration makes sense with the apostasy! Come on! So frustrating! Great two lessons with him. The rain hasnt stoped yet.....after watching the discovery channel and national geographic for years I finially believe that there is a rainy season! Its so we here! Everyday! Its really fun though, one you get soaked, after about 5 minuties, about the time it takes to walk outside and unlock the bikes, you just cant help but laugh and cry inside because you are just soaking wet and you can ring your suit out....its annoying but I love it, even if noone wants to talk to you. Sill havent gotten the pitty lesson during casa of the person who sees that it is raining and just invites you in to get warm and dry. We are doing alot of member work and thay all have so many referals its fantastic! I love visiting members! I have been working on memorizing DeA capitolo 4 (D&C 4) in Italiano. 90% memorized! For mothers day I will reciting in Italian for you all.

Pictuers are of my collega sleeping on the train, and then two other pictures of my collega.

Today we went to the Air Force base and played racket ball and ate 1/2 pound clasic American bacon cheese burgers! I feel awful right now, so much american fat! SO yummy though!  It was weird wearing jeans and a t shirt for p-day. 

The other day I put 20 cents on the train track and so now I have a 20 cent euro smashed by an Italian train! Myself and il mio collega were like kids running to put a coin on the track, during casa....., then running back to find it before people saw us and though we are crazier that we already are...

CIAO! Anziano Edwards! 


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