Friday, March 29, 2013

Golden Elect!!! And Rainey Days!

Email: March 13, 2013

Attached pictures are of some food that didnt work comment...
My current district and then of me and my last companion, Anz. Proctor.

The weather is rainy. Simple as that. Saw the sun the other day for the first time in 4 days, then it got cloudy and rained that evening and has been raining every since. I loved the rain back home, but dispise it now...but once you are soked, you cant help but laugh. I love it! The more times you do work in bad weather, the better wife you get so I will have a fantastic wife! Hahah The weather yesterday was a low of 4 and a high of 14. The days are good, cold in the evening but honestly not that bad. Cold a little I guess. I have gotten a winter coat, aka some fat. :)

On the street we are always asked abut the pope. Its all about the pope  or about the crisis. Thats all people talk about. Anyways, most Italians dont really care that much, they think its all ridicoulous and see the follies in the chuch here. But still think its true, go figure!

I have received my camera! Yippee! Alot sooner than expected. All is well and every district leader or zone leader that my camera changed hands with all took a picture of themselfs and of random things, so thus I have a bunch of random pictures. I love them all!

Italian is coming great! I fell very confortable with understanding people and usually have no proble responding back. People complement me on my Italian all the time, also my companions too, he speaks the best out of his MTC group secondo me. The dialect in Udine is basically he same as Vicenza. I learned the word Mandi, which means good luck/good bye from two different old people this past week. It literaly comes from lo mano di Dio, the hand of God. Only old people use. it.

Thursday night the traveling APs came to blitz us, I was with Anziano Sciarretta and Herringtotn was with Tanner. Had some cool miracles and had a bunch of fun. They are both going back to America in a week. Sucks to be them!

Doing strada and Anziano Tanner invites this man and he didnt even acknowledge him and just spit at his feet. Fist time I have had anything like that happen! It was a shock and was just so weird. The Italian people are never rude like that. Elder Bushnell (in Boston, Mass) gets fast food thrown at him and swear words all the time. Another reason Italy is the best misison out there!

I went crazy for like 10 min during studies trying to find the word faith in the Topical Guide, but was using english BOM under the word fedè. took me 10 to find out why I couldnt find it...Italian is taking me over! Good thing.

My "rain ties" Wear my two ugly ties that dont matter if they get ruined byt he rain. I have had to wear them for the past 8 days!

Area book work yeilded little succcess but we do have appointmetns with some people next week and have lots more work to do later.

Continue to pray for Ousman as we are not able to see him for a few more weeks. And pray for William(miracle referal) and all other potenitals. William was a referal from the Rome mission. He is from Gahna and is GOLDEN ELECET! He asks the perfect questions and has the perfect answers! My first real elect person!" He will be baptized April 30th!

Other missionaries comment on my "missionary whisper" Didnt even know such a thing exists. But i guess I have it. I go quieter when I bear strong testimony or tell the Joseph smith experiance. thats just what others missionaries have told me, I guess its really good......bho.

Life is great, companin is fantastic and we dont get lost as often anymore! I am loving Udine!

Stake confrence was on Sunday, member family took us, it was great, all about every member has to do their part and great things come to pass. The members are SUPER excited about the Rome temple.

This week I will be making lasagna with a raggu that takes at minumun two hours to simmer. Its going to be fantastic....I hope.....will let you know. I indeed am an AMAZING CHEF. When I come home, we will be eating REAL italian for a month. I have so many real recipes and italian missionary recipes too. I love food! haha.

Ciao! Off to fare il lavoro missionario. vi voglio bene!

Con amore, Anziano Edwards!

ps time is flying by! I am in week 5 of my 4th trasfer! Wow! Thats all I can say is W.O.W. I have 16 trasfers in total.

Ciao di nuovo!

Current District 
Food that didn't quite work out

Anz. Proctor (Comp. from last transfer)

Udine Apartment
Rainey Day Ties

View from Apartment in Udine

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