Friday, March 29, 2013

New Email Policy for Missionaries

"The church has adjusted the email policy for missionaries worldwide.  They have re-emphasized the need for missionaries to write to families and the Mission President each week.  In addition you may communicate by email with friends, priesthood leaders and new converts..."

Basically this means that A.J. can email more than just his immediate family each week. He would love to hear from all of his friends and other family as well! This is simply another way to write to him. It is asked that you respect that he is only allotted a short amount of time to check and send emails each week, thus it may still take a few weeks (or knowing A.J. and how busy he is, more than a few weeks) to hear back from him. His priority for P-Days and emails remain the same: contact the mission president and his family! The blog will be updated the same as it has been in the past (hopefully more regularly). The email address you can contact him at is:  
The contact page has been updated as well :)

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