Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Reasons to Love Italy

Email: April 2, 2014

picture (posted at bottom) is why I love Italy....the little, buy not that small, shop that has meat and cheese as far as the eye can see. Then you crack a joke and she gives you free cheese and prosciutto crudo....can you say YUM! oh! it makes my mouth water just thinking of it! 

Maybe one of the coolest things I have heard is the following statment on missonaries. 
"Worthy missionaries are perhaps the greatest group of people of the planet. No othe group of individuals commands such respect, is looked afer so sell by the Lord, or has so much potential to do good in the world today." AMEM! Whoo!! Misionary work! But I think of it as misionary fantasticness! I love it! I  have been on a spiritual high since I have gotten to Reggio nell'Emilia, but more so the past week or two. So amyn miracles and just success. The work is moving forward and it is so incedably exciting to be a part of it! 
Not sure it I have shared this by Richard G. Scott, 
"I have seen valiant missionaries brave icy wind, resist torrential rains, slosh through slippery, muddy streets, and conquer fear. Often they bear a powerful testimony, only to be rejected and roundly criticized. I have seen them struggle to communicate truth in a new language. Sometimes the listener stares in puzzled silence. Then there dawns the shattering realization that the message is not understood. But I wouldn’t change any of it, even if I could, because there are those golden moments of success that make all of the hardships worthwhile. Such rewards come when the Spirit touches a heart for eternal good because someone like you was there. To share truth in difficult circumstances is to treasure it more. When you push against the boundaries of experience into the twilight of the unknown, the Lord will strengthen you. The beauty of your eternal soul will begin to unfold."  
We all face chalenges, each is differnt from the next, and we can not compare them as we cant compare ourself to others, but the hard things in life are the best. Keep on keepin on! 

This week has been fantastic! We have found new people, and set a few baptimal dates! Kofi is for the 19th of April and Lino is for the 3 of May! Pray for them! Or rather, for me and my companion to know how to best help them progress. This lask week, we hade the highest numbers of the transfer in my companionship. The coolest thing about Lino, besides everything, is he prayed and then has teh biggest smile on and keeps touching his chest. I ask what is it? and he responds "I dont know, its someting amazing and new! I have never felt so great before!" We helped him recognice the stongest witness of the Holy Ghost I have seen in anyone and then the third lesson was in the church. We had a breif tour and loved it! Then had a lesson about the apostasy and repassed Joseph smith and a bit of the Book of Mormon. He prayed and the same thing happened! He commented on hwo weird it was and new it was for him. His churhc is great and he feels good, but not like this. He also told us that as soon as he walked int he front door, he noticed a change, go figure, in the chaple, he commented on how it was amazing and eh didnt know why. He is a bit freaked out becuase he feels so great and things are making sense to him. He said that his heart is being filled and he didnt even knowit was empty. He litteraly loves everything and goes crazy with the book of mormon! Reads it all the time! After this amsing prayer and obviously the spirit was strong, anziano Finnerty kicks me and wispers "bap invite" So we invited him to baptims and he accepted with a bit of encouragement. Reggio is so cool . I feel like I am on the clouds. 

Transfers came, The anziani in Reggio are all staying, and the sorelle are changing. Sorella Jones is leaving and I forget who is comming in her place. Still 6 missionaries in good ol Reggio! Crazy change, Piacenza became their own district, so I am district leader of just 6 instead of 10, which I like a lot better!

Confrence will be here in Reggio Emialia and I assume in Italian and Engilish...not sure....I should find that out...hahaha

Love you all!
Anziano Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing Meat & Cheese Shop 
My District for the Past 6 Weeks.....We Rock!
The District. Better picture quality, don't mind the 3 on the far left....we think we are funny.....hahahaha
After 6 weeks and asking literally everyone in this city, we found a frisbee!!! Fun P-Day today! P.S. We think we are cool. Don't judge us.

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