Thursday, April 24, 2014

Love through the hate and bad things

Email: April 23, 2014

Well this week has been just a simple average week as a missionary. I had distirct meeting that went well. Had church, was told to go back to my home country because Italy doesnt need me, ate some pizza, was ignored a bunch of the street, taught a lesson, did some service, had a family home evening with a member family. But even though all of this was the same as any other week, for a reason I cant put my finger on, nor explain it, this week was a good week. A better week. Honestly not sure why. All I can say that may be sufficent enough is that I love my mission. The food, the people, the country, the service, the love of others and weird as it my sound I love the hate and "bad" things that happen on a daily basis. Its just awesome!

We did service for the Caritas, we prepared and served food for the needy in Reggio Emilia. The Ward does this activity every few months and the Caritas people LOVE us....we were freaking amazing. I sliced bread and served yogurt like a mad man! haha Anziano Finnerty was at the back of the lunch room with an old Italian man named Paulo(non member, 80ish years old who has an accent that I cnat even understand)....crazy old guy...anyways, they were in charge of giving each person a "to-go bag" for dinner. Anz. Finnerty hated it as the language barier, but yet loved it as anziano finnerty couldnt help but laugh and have a good time. Giving service rocks! 

If you could all pray for Kofi that we can set a new baptimal date with him. He knows its all true just hesitates for the littlest of reasons. Grazie a voi!

A member of two years in a city called Breascia, called and ask for the church address in Reggio. She came to church with her boy friend and asked if we can begin teching him to get him baptized! His name is Samuel! We will tech him tommorrow so next week I will let you know how it all went! 

 I love you all and go an eat some pizza in memory of me becuase pizza is amazing!

Oh, the coolset miracle ever...well one of the coolest...We are in Reggio Emilia but we have a city called Parma in our area, the church as an organized branch in Parma, then its closed and they all travel to Reggio. Its gone back and forth like this for basically ever..the church in Parma was closed 5-6 years ago. Last week, we were on a bus and this lady, in her 20's came and asked us if we were Mormons. We said yup that's us! And I cant explain how much her face just lit up! She is from Peru, raised int he church and Moved to Italy 4 years ago. Her older brother moved to Italy 3 years ago. Both solid members. She went to the church in Modena once, but didnt feel accepted and she said it was her churhc, but it just felt differnet than the church in Peru. Anyways, we went and taught them a lesson the next day. They come around the corner into the kitchen table with their scriptures with the biggest smile ever!! We had a great lesson and we are going over again so the older brother can make us some real Peruvian food, I cant tell you how much I love Peruvian food....its fantastic! There was a member in Bologna who was a profes. chef and is food ever!!! I love some real Itlaian food, and have never eaten such great food in my life, but South American food is just as good, a nice change I guess you can say. They are the coolest two people and their cousin who lives with them isnt a member so we will change that ;) A great happy, and sincere family! Its cool to notice that the Lord directs us each and every day. The bus she found us on was a mircale too, becuase we got on the wrong bus by accident. The Church is true and God loves you!

Anziano Edwards! 
Fishing in Bologna! Gotta love the variety of a big city like Bologna. Haha.

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