Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fantastic Life!!!

Email: March 26, 2014

Well this week has been once again, fantastic. 

Glad the packages arrived and most of all you loved the letter! I have grown to love writing, well that is a lie...I enjoy writing sometimes, more than I used too. You are all SO dang special and I LOVE you all tons and tons! I just cant describe it. Maybe I will be able to do so in words in person.....Aug. 2014....super close! Crazy huh?!

MOnday I was in Piacenza on scambio and spoke Italian for the entire time. It was fun. I would LOVE a native companion! 

Thursday we had a zone confrence in Verona. Pres. Dibb was fanastic like always. The new assisstents are just weird. I like them though. Yeah, I learned alot. 

My companion ate fufu for his first time. He did great! I was impressed because he is a picky eater. 

We are teaching a man named kofi that the sorelle first found. Weird part is, he is so super similar to W! Its werid honestly. But he is progressing and such a humble guy. All of our investigators are miracles. I have never seen so many miracles in a city, Reggio Emilia is something special and I already love it so much!

Two weeks ago, the Mission Consecration week, we broke the record for number of lesson taught during one week, exceeded 1700! Fun stuff is going on in Italy!

The church is true. I love it and I know it!

Love your favorite, 
Anziano Edwards!

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