Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yellow Ties and Conference

Email: April 9, 2014

Well not much to say except confrence, of what I heard or saw, was fantastic!

In the church is was only broadcasted in Italian... :( I watched Sunday morning, listened to the preisthood session and the first half of Saturday afternoon. I will download the rest and listen to it all during the week. We stayed inside all day on suday, misson doctors orders ugh....Anziano Finnerty hurt his back. He is doing a lot better now :) 

The past week was normal. On Monday we went to Modena for zone training meeting. we talked a bunch about language study and reciving referals from members. All four of us anziani all wore yellow ties and we would make obvioius comments about how we were all matching. example, we all intoduced ourselfs and we all mentioned that our favoite thing about our compaion was his tie....the zone thought we were just simply stupid and rediculous, but we all thought it was the funniest thing ever. Sometimes we are stupid...but it is fantastic! This is the funnest appartment I have lived in thus far! Honestly it couldnt get better. 

Kofi is doing fantastic, and lino is progressing well. He has been exposed to antimormon crap, but we hope we have cleared up all is concerns. 

Today we went to Modena and played soccer and basketball, then ate pizza. Fun stuff i guess. My jaw feels like I just had my wisdom teeth pulled as my zone leader kicked a ball into my mouth. I forgave him dont worry!

The church is true. I love my family. Ci sentiamo!

Anziano Edwards

A member in Bologna send my an email titled "fishing in Bologna just for fun" The man is sitting on the edge of the main fountain in the middle of downtown bologna.....crazy stuff. Gotta love Italy!
Making Pasta
Our Zone. Minus one Anziani Companionship today. 
The first Italian flag, or something special like that. ..Reggio is the city where the Italian Flag was created. Cool stuff! 
Yeah, I love Anziano Finnerty. He is the best. End of Story

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