Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pray for Progress

Email: April 16, 2014

Well my computer sucks and nothing ever responds so I will be quick. I hope you recived the email with the yellow tie attachment. I will send you the fishing in bologna picture next week. 

To r your questions, first yes dad we must go camping that first week or two before school. Ps, when does SUU start anyways...????? Mom my jaw is fine, it was sore the next day, but totally ok now. 

Ciao tutti I promise a super great email this next week. Pray that Anz. Finnerty and I can find some new investigators that can progress! 

L you all, รน
Anziano Edwards, your all time favorite!
Here is the picture of us Reggio missionaries with our yellow ties. The other missionaries were jealous of how cool we were.....hahahaha....well sorta...

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