Friday, January 3, 2014

Buon Anno!

Email: January 1, 2014

Transfers could go anyway. chissà!? I have mixed feelings. Bologna is warm, bus city, covered walk ways (perfect for a winter), but I love getting around and seeing other parts of italy. I will let you know next week!

I have no idea when we get tablets, pres. Dibb said in the late summer of 2014 probaly but who knows!?

Glad you hear you are all doing well and had some fun and safe holidays. I did as well too.
For New Years, I was in Milano for Consiglio della Missione and returned back in Bologna at 6:30pm with 4 large lugages full of missionary mail and orders(Book of Mormons, and other missionary supplies, ect.) SO much crap and heavy!
The mission rule was to be inside the apartment at 5 pm and dont go back out. Italy is nuts for nes years! A bunch of drunk partiers and just not the best missionary atmostphere. Traveling back to the apartment was a bit nuts just from the train station, just 3 bus stops away!

We watched 17 Miracles, talked and ate hot chocolate and pandoro (panattone is crapy pandoro. aka Italian sweets only availabe for the holidays)  There were very few fireworks but abunch of those little balloons of light that flot into the sky, like in the movie Tangled. That was cool.

Life is great and the missino rocks!

I felt like I should share something with you. It is from my heart and one of my best journal entires I did during personal study back in November 29th: 
"No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God" -Jesus (Luke 9:62)   I might not be even close...but...I think of hard work and being commited to the task-whatever it be. If you are willing to put your hand to the plough - begin a task-you must continue and finish. You can not look back thinking 'oh, I wish I didnt start' because its harder than what you thought. Dont look back, it just makes you discouraged. Looking back is of the natural man. He will make you second guess your decision to being the task. The Lord truly needs me to plow this work in Milan, Italy. I am afraid someone will have to force me to let go of the plough in Aug. 2014, cool part will be- I can look back at all the rows I've ploughed, all the accomplishments and hard work. I just took a quick glance back, and after 10 trasfers(only 6 left) I've done a great work I feel, and I am glad :) This is the true church of Christ. I know it!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I pray for you all. Ilove you all to death! 2014 Will be an incedible year for all of us! Its weird to think that 24/7 of 2013, I was a missionary. I will never have another year like that. :)
Ciao cari miei! 
Anziano Edwards

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