Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Miracle Stories in Italy!!!

Email: January 8, 2014

Ciao tutti! Another fun filled week has passed and I am going to begin trasfer 12! I am such and anciet missionary! Indeed, all the younger missionaries seem like little kids! AHHH! I can't believe I am on the real down hill slide of my mission...the sister missionaries that were in the MTC with me are begining their last trasfer! They go home in Feb! WOAH! Crazy stuff!

Well I am staying in Bologna for a 4th trasfer as capo zona and staying with Anz. Warnock. Not much will change in the zone this trasfer, four missionaries left the zone so we will have 4 new missionaries in the zone, two of which will be brand new missionaries. One sorella and one Anziano. Fun fact, Anziano Pagano, who I 1/2 trained, is staying in Vicenza and will be training. Also, Anz. Tanner, my first trainee is going to be zone leader! All 6 of us here in Bologna are staying the same. I honestly thought I would have been trasfered out. I guess there is a reason to keep me here. 
Of the 11 zone leader companionships, they all changed except for mine and one other. There are a bunch of new zone leaders, all young too! 
Mission wide, president Dibb seems to be keeping missionaries in cities longer and not changing companions too often either. Goods and bads to that, (like everything in life). 

I am excited to stay in Bologna. The work is fairly good, there is amazing saldi (sale season), it is warm and I will not have to be on a bike in the rain and snow, the ward is full of the funnist members and si manga bene!(food is amazingly good!)

Where to begin.....
we had a baptism, a 10 and a 8 year old. Their father is American, served in Bologna, maried the girl he baptized and tey baptized there two sons last week. It was a simple and great baptism. 

We travel to north 3 hours to Trento yesterday. Anz. Warnock renewed his premesso di soggiorno there and we had to go and pick it up...he forgot to bring his origional paper work so even though it was ready to be picked up, they wouldnt give it to next week sometime we have to spend another 30 Euros and go again! Whooo! NOT! Trento is a super cool city though, small quiet and just chilling up in the mountains. We had a bit of free time so we took a cable car up the mountain and over looked the city. Fun stuff. 

Monday night,  Anziano Warnock found a tie that was from his girlfriend who was sorta ish waiting for him, but got married, we we burned it....

Tuesday night we can up with a brilliant idea...put the broom on the cealing and on nose, spin around 10 times, then play tag in the apartment...that may not have been the best idea we have had...hahaha. Miracle was, nothing in the apartment broke! Although there was a bunch of chaos and such...and aftermath mess....whoops. hahaha It made me sick though...we did the same sort of thing in college and I threw-up, but this time it just made em not feel good at all. I have realized I am an old man! I get sick if i spin in a chair during companionship studies! jeez I'm old!

Miracle story!!!!! We recieved a text of a referal which read "take my dad a Book of Mormon and tell him that his son in Salt Lake loves him" The address was in a tiny little city an hour bus ride away(on the big fast tour bus types). We ask around and some how someone knew his street, it was a tiny street! We get there and the daughter answers and the partents are gone camping....5 minutes later they come home! The family is the most warm and welcoming family ever! Turns out the 17 year old son lives in Toole as a forign exchange student, lives with a mormon family and attends church each sunday with them. The father said his son attends just for respect, but I feel he would not have sent that referal he didnt like the chruch. The mother and father are new investigators!!! Whoo!!!!!

Love you all!

Anziano Edwards

Cool graffiti 
Picture of my Zone after Zone Training Meeting
(A.J. is in the back row second from the the awesome lime green tie!)
With the two kids that were baptized
Beginning process of burning the tie...
Spinning and then playing tag...who knew you could have so much fun with a Swiffer!
Trento - super pretty city!

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