Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best Christmas Present for Everyone!!!

December 26, 2013
For Christmas Anziano Edwards was able to use Skype to talk with his family. He is looking fantastic, loving Italy, and is still the same ol' A.J. with the hilarious sense of humor and fun-loving personality. The things he misses most about America this year is carpet (Italy is all tile and concrete), not having to use public transportation, and a big bed.


 Glad to hear all went well and you had a great Christmas with some cool presents.

Baptism by the other Anziani in Bologna from a member referral
Our table eating the best lasagna ever!!!
I was a reindeer! :)
All the food the ward gave us for Christmas 
All the food from the ward for Christmas
With all of the food that the ward gave us for Christmas!
William looking Fancy at the (Swiss) Temple! This is the best Christmas present he gave me!!! So cool! Love him!
Best Christmas present for Anziano Edwards' Family!!! Skyping with our happy, funny, awesome missionary!!! Thanks for taking care of him Italy!

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