Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Normal" Missionary Week

Email: January 22, 2014

I would guess that we do not celebrate that Marin Luther king day...if we did I didnt notice it...boh.

I was able to watch one Disney animated film for Christmas, we watched Bother bear at the house of our ward mission leader. The second family we spend Christmas with. I was super fun!

I just took some time to read up about the same sex marriage on the churchs websites. I cant beleive it. The advasiry is so big and powerful! Good thing God is stonger and its all in his time. We have have the hope and faith in that. The world is nuts. Yesterday a member in Ferrara (I was on exchanges) was telling us about crazy things in the world, murders, crazy people, unjust laws, ect. It's sad. but we have the true Gospel of Christ as our foundation. How great that is! How blessed are we having the truth!

A new shopping complex by The Summit! WHOH! Crazy! it could be good though, it was a bunch of ugly dirt and junk there anyways. A busier street means we get a  stop light between us and the boulders right!? 

This past week was good. We traveled to Trento again, but this time we has success and Anz. Warnok recieved his Permesso di part is it expries in Feb! So he will have to go though ANOTHER renewal process! I just cant help but laugh at him or for him...We hope he can do the process here in Bologna....otherwise it will be a huge hassel!

I ate a bunch of sea food and it didnt bother me. I really enjoy shrimp now but clams are fairly gross. Jeffrey's mom emailed me a week or two or threeish ago and mentioned jeffrey loves sea food now, its a miralce! "...Jeffrey has learned to eat all kinds of seafood…including catching the sea food and helping to cook at clam bakes!  He never even ate tuna when he lived at home!"  

Honestly, not much happened this was just "normal" which Im not sure there exsists such a week, expecialy as a missionary. 
I can't be happier and more proud to be an Edwards kid.

Ciao tutti!

Vi voglio bene!

Anziano Edwards

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