Friday, January 17, 2014

Transfers at the Train Station

Email: January 15, 2014

The week went good, but a bit stressful for transfers. We received transfer travel plans late so zone members and also other missionaries who were traveling though Bologna were calling us about train times and travel buddies and we had no clue about it all....assistants fault! Anyways, on Thursday, we were in the train station from 9.30 am until like 5pm, It sucked! We did chill in McDonalds for a bit though...Bologna wasnt as busy this transfer cycle, thank goodness! We only had one missionary get on the wrong train and go the wrong direction(go figure, it was an Italian too!) and then two missionaries that were traveling together went to the wrong city and so the Zone leaders in Firenze had to drive and pick them up in a city outside of Firenze called Prato. 

We have two brand new missionaries in the zone. One Anziano from Michigan and the other is a Sorella from Germany! Super cool and great missionaries. 
We visited each of our 3 districts in the zone. 2 on Mon. and 1 on tues. We presented our "zone vision" for the  new transfer. It is called Look not Behind thee. Genesis 19:17. I will send more info about it next week. 

Random question, have you seen the movie Brother Bear. Its a animated film, we watched it for Christmas as our 1 allowed animated Disney Film Pres. Dibb allowed us. It might be my new favorite movie, well at least in the top 5. You should all watch it!

Well you all have a fantastic week.

Also, that referal family whos son lives in Toole as a foreign exchange student, we went out with our bishop and his wife on sunday and had a second lesson. Went well and we will be going back again on the 2nd of Feb. Such a cool family!

I love you all tons and tons!!!! 
vi voglio bene!

Anziano Edwards
Trento -such a pretty city

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